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84-Year-Old Riley Lumber Closing


Bill Riley, president of Riley Lumber in Bloomfield, Conn. said that the business his grandfather founded will close at the end of the month.

“It was a very difficult decision to make,” Riley told the Hartford Courant.

Riley’s grandfather, William Riley, founded the lumberyard in Bloomfield in 1933, after the lumberyard he was working at had closed. The building today is the same as his grandfather had constructed it except for the barn doors, Riley said.

Riley told the Courant that the rise of big box stores led, in part, to the company’s closing. He focused, he said, on customer service to fight the discount stores’ prices.

“We just tried to be helpful to anyone that walks through the door,” he said.

But after a “few years of trying not to shut it down,” Riley said, the family got together to make a “very hard decision,” to close, the Courant reported.

The Courant shared a photo gallery  from the paper’s interview with Bill Riley, and several readers weighed in with comments on the paper’s Facebook page.