Home Industry News AdvanTech® Roof and Wall Sheathing Available Nationwide

AdvanTech® Roof and Wall Sheathing Available Nationwide

AdvanTech® Roof and Wall Sheathing Available Nationwide

“I find durability is never an issue with AdvanTech sheathing,” Blanc said. “Even though our jobsites are often exposed to ice, rain and heavy, wet snow, AdvanTech panels never warp or delaminate, and they go down flat and stay flat. I can’t say that about other sheathing products, including plywood, after exposure to our weather.”

Dan Williams, superintendent for The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company in Tampa, Fla., switched to AdvanTech sheathing last year for multifamily applications, including on a 14-structure, 250-unit apartment complex in suburban Tampa.

“I can’t imagine building without AdvanTech sheathing in a climate whose rainy season lasts more than half a year,” Williams said. “You can’t go wrong with a panel designed to withstand not only wet, moist conditions, but also the heat and humidity that defines Sun Belt states.”

Williams’s first introduction to the brand was with AdvanTech flooring on a $26 million, 15,000-square-foot waterfront home overlooking the Tampa Bay. He knew plywood would not be an option for a high-end custom home exposed to moisture 24/7 both during construction and the life of the home.

“Due to the scope of the project, it took over a year before we could close up the home,” Williams said. “I needed a panel that would lay flat and stay flat and wouldn’t move. That was nearly four years ago, and the homeowner will tell you today that his floors are still perfect.”

Williams said the success of the AdvanTech® flooring application led him to switch to AdvanTech sheathing once available in his market.

“In my experience, if you use other OSB materials in multifamily applications, builders, subcontractors and residents tend to have problems,” he said. “That’s not the case with AdvanTech panels, which give me peace of mind until my buildings are sealed.”

For more information, visit www.advantechperforms.com.

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