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Allweather Wood Expands D-Blaze Distribution

Allweather Wood Expands D-Blaze Distribution

Washougal, Wash.—Allweather Wood, LLC has expanded its product offering at their distribution centers in Woodland and Fontana, D-BlazeCalifornia to include D-Blaze Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW). The Woodland and Fontana distribution centers began shipping new orders for D-Blaze® last week. The company believes the expansion of FRTW at their distribution facilities in California will help meet the needs of lumber yards and dealers serving commercial and multi-family construction.

“We have been selling D-Blaze produced by our treating facility in Denver, Colorado,” says Kristen Lockhart, sales manager, Allweather Wood/Humboldt Redwood for Allweather Wood, “and have added the product into our distribution center operations to fulfill current customer requests and to serve the growth of Fire Retardant Treated Wood in the west.”

D-Blaze FRTW is suited for fire rated wall assemblies and interior applications where fire retardant construction materials are specified or required by building codes. The use of Pressure-impregnated FRTW is required by building codes in many major metropolitan areas in exterior and interior wall assemblies to help contain the spread of smoke and fire, increasing the time that people have to evacuate and move to safety.

D-Blaze treated lumber and plywood is highly effective in controlling the spread of flame and the smoke development caused by fire, and, and has earned a UL “FR-S” classification, exhibiting a flame spread and smoke developed index of 25 or less. In most applications, D-Blaze treated products offer a lower in-place cost than noncombustible classified materials.

“Our team at Allweather Wood looks forward to making this product available to dealers throughout California, so that builders and contractors have access to this top-quality fire protection product.”

For more information on D-Blaze and Allweather Wood FIRE Series available through the Woodland and Fontana distribution centers please call (530) 668-0449.

Source: Allweather Wood