Home Branded Content Arm builders with the ability to install stone without the misery of masonry

Arm builders with the ability to install stone without the misery of masonry

Arm builders with the ability to install stone without the misery of masonry

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There is nothing quite like the look of stone.

Stone has an aesthetically pleasing quality that is unmatched. Its appeal has lasted for centuries. While its beauty is desirable, stone veneer is expensive, hard to install, and—often—impractical for builders. It requires increased costs for skilled labor, material handling, and longer build times.

Your customers could use vinyl or poly stone veneers as an alternative to the labor-intensive and expensive natural stone; however, they are neither durable nor authentic looking.

For too long, dealers have only been able to offer products that are either durable but costly, or inexpensive but lacking in quality. Set yourself apart from other lumber dealers and specialty siding distributors by offering a better, premium stone siding product. Arm your customers with the ability to actually do stone without the misery of masonry.

The solution is Qora Cladding an easy-to-install, durable siding product that can deliver the authentic, premium look of real stone. That means lower installation costs, faster build times, and better margins.

The Solution is Qora’s stone cladding panels

Qora Cladding is the new, affordable solution that delivers a premium look without the premium installation costs. It is a panelized stone cladding product with innovative surface properties that give it the look and feel of natural materials. Professional builders and homeowners quickly fall in love with Qora stone cladding panels because it offers what other faux stone veneer applications cannot—it checks every box.

Such a bold claim likely leaves you with several questions. Below, we answer all your questions and show you how Qora refuses to compromise.

Qora from Arcitel

How is this a money maker for me and my customer?

  1. Qora Cladding is delivered in easy-to-handle boxes (80 lbs. each) and palletized for easy inventory management and shipping, with 12 boxes/pallet. This makes material handling easy. Simply stack Qora Cladding panels at the point of use without the worry of warping or bowing.
  2. Unlike stone veneer, there is no need for specialized masonry labor. Panels are cut and fastened with general carpentry skills. This results in significantly fewer labor hours, saving builders time and money.
  3. Like hanging siding, the process of installing Qora Cladding is efficient and straightforward. Manufactured in lightweight, easy-to-handle panels, it fits together on any structure as quickly as siding. 6.6 square feet per panel.
  4. All it takes is a simple, standard diamond blade or tile saw blade to cut and fasteners to hang—just like siding. Each panel is installed in rows, edge to edge, using convenient accessory pieces around openings and corners.

By selling a premium stone siding solution—that your competition does not offer—your customers can make more money through lower installation costs. And many of your builder customers that previously could not install stone veneer, now have an option to increase their margins as well.

If Qora is lightweight and easy to install, how durable can it really be?

Designed specially to be light and easy-to-handle, Qora Cladding stone panels maintains unmatched durability.

  1. Qora Cladding’s innovative four-layer design gives you the strength of traditional stone veneers—minus the weight—while allowing for ease of transportation and installation similar to faux alternatives.
  2. Reinforced by fiberglass and an advanced resin, Qora Cladding panels can endure whatever the environment throws at it. Each panel is manufactured for fire resistance for better protection and peace of mind, while still allowing free movement of water and vapor, reducing the risk of water damage.
  3. Created to be UV and fade resistant, Qora stone cladding can withstand years of sunlight and other elements, while still maintaining its original color, vibrancy, and luster. With all that durability packed into one panel, it still weighs 85 percent less than traditional stone veneers.
  4. Unlike most siding products you are used to, Qora will not bend or warp over time in storage. Each stone cladding panel will retain its shape even in ground storage conditions.

Qora’s mission is to simplify the construction process by delivering better designed and better engineered products compared to traditional materials and installation methods. That is why we offer a 20-year-limited warranty on Qora Cladding products.

Qora cladding panels give your customers all the benefits of real and faux stone veneers with none of their weaknesses, making it the ideal solution for today’s modern builders.

What types of designs and applications can builders use it for?

Qora Cladding is extremely versatile. Use it as knee-wall or accent application in a mixed material residential siding design. Hang it on a complimentary shed, or other outdoor building.

No matter the type of structures your customers build, Qora Cladding is the easy-to-install panelized product that eliminates compromises for builders and their suppliers.

Qora cladding offers a premium look that homeowners love. In the Ashlar Stone collection, there are five beautiful colors to choose from, each of them indistinguishable from real stone.

Qora comes in easy-to-handle boxes and is palletized (12 boxes per pallet) for easy inventory management and shipping. For example, a box of 4 panels is less than 80 pounds.

You can now find a matching ledge sill accessory that installs easily to provide a finished transition between stone cladding panels and other siding materials. Its two available color options complement your siding design choices. Additional accessories and patterns are coming soon.

Qora Arcitel khaki house

No more compromises

Qora stone cladding is not a compromise between the choice of real and faux stone veneers: Qora is the solution. It checks every box for dealers, builders, and installers.

For too long, dealers have only been able to offer products that are either durable, but costly or inexpensive but lacking in quality. Set yourself apart from other lumber and siding dealers by offering a better, premium stone siding product. Arm your customers with the ability to install stone without the misery of masonry.

Qora cladding fills this void and offers an alternative to your customers that looks and feels like real stone but is lightweight and easy to install—no specialized mason required.

Add those qualities with available inventory and short lead times, and the choice becomes even more apparent.

Settling for one or the other does not have to be an option anymore. Now, dealers and builders can get the best of both worlds. That is not compromising. That is a win-win.

To learn more about becoming a Qora Cladding dealer, please visit www.QoraCladding.com

You can also contact a representative directly by emailing marketing@arcitell.com or by calling (330) 223-2266.