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DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: Attract Customers With a Blog

DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: Attract Customers With a Blog

Hipp said he started blogging as a way to help draw people into his store and to his store’s website. “If you search Hipp Modern Builders, I’m going to come up in two or three pages of results,” he said. “I’ve used all that to tie in together to beat my competition.

It’s not expensive, and it’s not hard. You can take 30 minutes of an afternoon and write a decent article. It’s all knowledge of stuff we do,” he said.

Hipp’s blog post topics include how-to-articles, recipes, craft ideas, a few financial basics for his customers, and more. “It’s two-fold,” he said. “We want people to be able to click around and go shopping. I try to link all of my articles to products in my inventory. Every article also ends with ‘check us out at Hipp Modern Builders in Mountain View, Arkansas.’ ”

It took Hipp more than six years to amass the 1,700 posts on his website, and he said anyone new to blogging should expect similar results. “It doesn’t happen overnight,” he said. Hipp uses his company’s social media sites to promote the blog posts and relies on the usefulness of his posts to get shared among social media followers. “We’re here to help people, to better their lives,” Hipp said. “I had a lady once reach out and ask a question about a cheesecake article. Then she later reached out and thanked me. She wanted me to know she made it for herself for her birthday. That one email from that lady made the late nights of writing articles and blogging worth it. Almost every day we hear from someone who thinks that we’re bigger. I’m in a town with a population of 2,700, but the reach of an audience through the Internet is limitless.”

Hipp writes all his blog posts inhouse, and started doing it all by himself. Just recently he hired someone to help write the articles as well as assist with the e-commerce portion of the site.

“It’s a perfect addition to your audience, to give them content,” Hipp said. Whether that content is about planting flowers, tool reviews, or tips on how to install a faucet, Hipp is using the power of his blog posts to reach a wide audience and direct them to products on his website, or in-store specials.

As a measurable step, to prove that it’s worth your time and effort, you’ll want to see web traffic develop from the content you share on your blog.