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Being Bill Belichick: Talent Evaluation and the Personal Win


If Denny was proved correct, this would be every bit a personal, as well as a professional win. It was. Kevin performed well on the first 25 homes. And then the next 200. Kevin’s business grew and he began to work on other job-sites. Within three years, Kevin was the preferred subcontractor for Denny’s company.

Kevin kept his prices low, eternally thankful for the coach who drafted him in the late rounds. Lovely story, right? Before we lock arms for the group hug here, keep your eye on the personal win.

For the better part of a decade after drafting Kevin out of obscurity, Denny consistently received praise from company executives for his keen eye for talent. The sample size here may have been exactly one, but no matter. It became legend within the company. Denny saw talent where no one else did, correctly analyzed the risk, and coached his underdog to greatness. LBM dealers can do the same, whether hiring outside sales reps, or yard workers.

Furthermore, Denny scored a professional win, as Kevin’s dirt-cheap pricing meant a cost advantage over the competition building across the street.

As a professional, don’t overlook the importance of personal wins. Was Denny a sticks-n-bricks Bill Belichick? No more than Kevin was a sewer-n-water Tom Brady.

Their interests—personally and professionally—were aligned and both men invested in the other’s success. As far as business relationships go, that’s Belichick and Brady.

So go buy your next new hire a dirty Pats hoodie and let him visualize his future greatness. And if your newbie doesn’t particularly care for Belichick? Sew the sleeves back on and agree heartily. After all, no one likes a cheater.