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Better tech means a better deck with TimberTech decking

Better tech means a better deck with TimberTech decking

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Homeowners love having an outdoor living space they can call their own. They love being able to sit outside. They love being able to entertain. They love being able to relax. What homeowners don’t love is having to maintain that outdoor living space. They hate having to sand and stain their decks from top to bottom every year. They loathe trying to clean off mold and mildew. And when their deck starts to rot, warp and splinter? Well, they don’t like that at all.

That’s why TimberTech uses innovative material science to create high-tech, high-performance composite deck boards. Designed with cutting-edge capped composite and capped polymer technology—and engineered with majority recycled material—TimberTech composite decking stays durable, beautiful while being sustainable. A TimberTech composite deck won’t rot, warp or splinter like traditional pressure-treated wood does. There’s no need for sanding or staining. And TimberTech composite decking looks more like real wood than any other composite brand.

Weathers any weather

While many people love enjoying their outdoor space when it’s pleasant outside, a deck can be exposed to the elements year-round, leaving it potentially buried under snow, immersed in rain or baked by the sun. Eventually, these conditions take their toll on traditional wood decking, leading to fading, mold and mildew growth, and warping.

That’s why TimberTech designs composite decking that can handle the toughest weather nature can dish out. Defined by either 3- or 4-sided polymer capping, TimberTech decking keeps moisture where it belongs—outside the boards. Because the cap is made with 100% synthetic material, mold and mildew can’t penetrate the surface, making it impossible for them to grow. TimberTech composite decking stands up to the sun, too, resisting fading and staining. And with a high level of scratch resistance, even pet owners can enjoy a deck that stays as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Easy to maintain and enjoy

When the elements overwhelm a traditional wood deck, it falls to the homeowner to clean and repair it. That means spending long days sanding, staining, sealing, replacing and inspecting the deck for wear. With TimberTech, maintaining a deck is as easy as enjoying it. All it takes is a hose, TimberTech DeckCleaner and a long-handled brush. Once everything is all rinsed off, homeowners can get right back to doing what they want to do on their deck—relax.

Looks like wood, but better

While homeowners might not like the maintenance of wood, they still want the authentic look and feel. Here, TimberTech’s advanced materials technology delivers again. Unlike other composite decking products that look more like plastic than lumber, TimberTech composite decking masterfully replicates the beauty of real wood. Homeowners can choose from realistic wood grain patterns and an expansive palette of colors to complement any space. TimberTech also offers composite decking options made with proprietary color-cascading technology that blends hues together for the same kind of color variegation that defines prized hardwoods. And because the color is distributed randomly, no two boards with color-cascading technology look the same. With all these beautiful colors and textures, TimberTech gives homeowners the options they need to create the outdoor living space of their dreams.

 Recycled materials, new ideas

It’s no secret that today’s homeowners are more eco-conscious than ever. They want products that make the environment a priority and support companies that champion sustainability. TimberTech believes making the world a better place starts in your own backyard. That’s why TimberTech composite decking products aren’t just durable and beautiful—they’re sustainable, too.

TimberTech composite decking is made with majority recycled materials: up to 54% recycled material in the capped polymer deck boards of the TimberTech AZEK line, and up to 80% recycled material in the capped composite deck boards of TimberTech PRO and EDGE. In fact, TimberTech is so committed to repurposing and recycling post-consumer material that the brand uses advanced recycling technology from Europe, the global leader in recycling. But TimberTech hasn’t stopped there.

To increase sustainability, TimberTech invested in a state-of-the-art recycling plant in 2019. This plant allows TimberTech to deliberately self-source hard-to-recycle materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. With this leading recycling technology, TimberTech repurposes up to 98% of internal scraps from the board-making process and puts them back into production, increasing the amount of recycled materials in each decking line.

All of this focus on sustainability has already made an impact. Since 2015, homeowners have saved over one million trees by building their outdoor spaces with TimberTech instead of traditional wood decking. That’s tens of thousands of acres of forest protected and preserved. And by diverting 290 million pounds of waste and scrap from going into landfills, TimberTech is making our towns and cities more beautiful, too. All thanks to advanced materials technology that’s leading the building industry in innovation.

Industry-leading warranties

TimberTech is beautiful, durable, easy-to-maintain and sustainable. But how can homeowners be sure that it will stay that way for years to come? Because of TimberTech’s industry-leading warranties, like the 50-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty of the TimberTech AZEK line. That’s 50 years of protection against sun damage, wine spills, coffee rings and so much more. And while a lot can happen in half a century, with TimberTech, homeowners can be confident that their outdoor living space will always be the beautiful space they imagined.

Better Tech. Better Deck.

TimberTech’s relentless focus in material science proves that Better Tech means a Better Deck—with better design, better durability, better maintenance, better sustainability and better warranties than the competition. And it’s about time. Homeowners don’t want to settle for the same-old problems that have plagued traditional wood decks for decades. They want to reject the status-quo. To find their own solutions. To try something new. To Go Against the Grain.

And with TimberTech composite decking, they can.