Home Industry News BlueTarp Financial Introduces Quarterly Building Supply Index

BlueTarp Financial Introduces Quarterly Building Supply Index

BlueTarp Financial Introduces Quarterly Building Supply Index

PORTLAND, Maine — BlueTarp Financial, a credit management company for B2B suppliers, recently introduced its BlueTarp® Building Supply Index, a quarterly measurement of the BlueTarpeconomic health of the building supply industry.

The Building Supply Index examines BlueTarp’s proprietary spending and delinquency data, which represent trends from 120,000 pro-customers and more than 2,000 building material suppliers across the United States. It also incorporates macro-economic drivers including: building permits, construction spending, and consumer confidence as reported monthly by the Census Bureau and The Conference Board.

The Building Supply Index, which is not seasonally adjusted, compares the current timeframe to the previous year, indicating either strengthening or weakening. The current Building Supply Index shows a decline from 123.94 in 2015 Q2, to its current state of 117.49.

“We’re privileged to have a unique cross section of suppliers across the country and insight into what is happening in their businesses,” said Scott Simpson, president and CEO of BlueTarp. “We think anyone in the building supply industry would benefit from a more specific view on how our market is trending.”

BlueTarp has also conducted a survey of its pro-customers asking their opinions on the outlook of the building supply industry, all of which is included as supporting information in the Building Supply Index. Most felt there would be a weakening in 2017, as the Building Supply Index indicates.

BlueTarp’s methodology benchmarks the index value of 100 to Q2 2012. Values below 100 reflect recessionary or recovering performance. Values above 100 reflect healthy economic activity.

Source: BlueTarp Financial