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Central Valley opens prefabricated wall manufacturing facility


NAPA, Calif. – Central Valley Builders Supply has opened a new 35,303-square-foot manufacturing facility in Yolo County to house the firm’s new prefabricated wall division. Central Valley’s new facility will manufacture walls for the construction industry, allowing home builders to economically accelerate building completion.

“We are thrilled by this exciting growth opportunity,” said Paul Kinser, Central Valley’s General Manager of Sales & Prefab Wall Division. “Central Valley has the leadership and technical teams in-place to begin the manufacture of prefabricated wall panels, giving our customers a higher-quality end product for their builds.”

Prefab wall panels are not only designed to lower costs for the framer, but also reduce waste by efficiently reducing material overruns. Pete Yanez, Director of Operations for the prefab division stated, “In today’s environmentally-conscious climate, prefab walls are an excellent solution.”

Central Valley will be producing prefab wall panels, with the first walls being shipped to Coffey Park on Friday, May 18, to expedite Sonoma’s post-fire re-build. Santa Rosa’s five-acre Coffey Park neighborhood was one of the hardest hit areas during the Tubbs fire, the most destructive of the 17 separate wild fires that hit Northern California in early October 2017.