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Connecting the LBM community

Connecting the LBM community

It started, like so many great things do, with a simple suggestion. In this case, the idea came from Credit Q&A columnist Thea Dudley, who wrote in a March 18 email, “I would like to do a special on-line ‘steps to protect your AR’ during this time. What do you think?” We loved the idea. The coronavirus crisis was exploding across the U.S., and LBM pros were scrambling for answers. When our marketing contact from Epicor learned we were planning this webinar for the following week, she asked if they could sponsor it. Just six days later, on March 24, Thea presented “COVID-19 vs. Your Cashflow and A/R” live to more than 500 LBM Journal readers.

Thea got the ball rolling. Since then, we’ve hosted at least one webinar each week by Thea Dudley, Rick Davis, Shane Soule, Rikka Brandon, John Wagner, and others. As of today, June 24, that makes 16 webinars with a total of 7,640 registrants. In a very real way, this webinar series has been like an old-fashioned barn raising…where neighbors rolled up their sleeves, dug in their heels, and worked hard to help their neighbor.

Last month, Shane Soule approached me with the suggestion of creating a user group forum that would enable LBM Journal readers to reach out to each other with questions on a variety of topics. It’s similar to the popular Real Issues. Real Answers. feature—which is written by and for LBM Journal readers. The inspiration for Shane’s suggestion is dBug, a user group forum for Epicor LBM software users.

Once our user group forum is launched, it’ll be called, fittingly enough, LBM-Community. The cost to join and participate will be exactly the same as the cost for almost all LBM Journal products: free. Watch for details on joining the LBM-Community.

By the way, if you value the free weekly webinars, the magazine, the daily enewsletter, the website, etc., please thank our advertisers and sponsors. Without their financial support of our work, and investment in your success, none of this happens.

Several readers have commented that LBM Journal seems to be doing more than ever before. We are, and we’re doing more with the exact same number of team members. Much of the credit for that goes to James Anderson. He joined our team five years ago to help me do the magazine, and to help serve you via rapidly expanding digital channels. This is the first issue with James as Editor (his former title was senior editor). The new title accurately reflects his growing role and responsibilities. I’m thankful to have James as a key member of the small-but-mighty LBM Journal team as we work to connect the LBM Community