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Construction Suppliers Association merges with Oklahoma Lumbermen’s Association


The Construction Suppliers Association Board of Directors voted Aug. 15 to merge with the Oklahoma Lumbermen’s Association. The merger is effective Jan. 1, 2018.

The CSA name will remain the same, and the headquarters will remain in Tyrone, Ga. The CSA will gain a field office in Oklahoma City, and OLA’s Executive Director will join the CSA staff as Oklahoma Regional Director.

“First, we all recognize that the number of independent lumber dealers is shrinking. That trend is unlikely to change, and it may get worse. Market forces are demanding consolidation, and the deck is always stacked against family businesses—which make up the majority of our membership—past the third generation. Adding Oklahoma dealers into our membership ensures that we have critical mass to serve members well into the future,” Jim Moody, President of CSA wrote to members.

“Second, we believe that the growth will give us revenue to create new and innovative programs that will benefit members in all five states. We’ll see increased revenue from membership, participation in our programs, and greater support from associate members who will appreciate the larger marketplace CSA offers with five states,” Moody wrote.

Source: Construction Suppliers Association