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Embracing change

Embracing change

Back in 2003, the magazine that employed me since 1990 closed its doors. I applied for an editorial position with another local magazine, one that I was sure I was ideally suited for…and didn’t get an interview. Based on that one experience, I realized that I was obviously unemployable, and if I were to work, I’d have to provide myself with a job. So…a couple of colleagues from the former magazine decided to roll the dice and join me on a new adventure called LBM Journal. Our single product was a print magazine, and our “Corporate Headquarters” was a spare bedroom in my house. Though we had little money, and no investors or corporate backing, we had two bullets in our gun. First, we’d built a reputation for doing right by others and producing a quality product. Second, we were passionate in our belief that we could create and deliver something different and better. At the end of the day, we understood that we’d succeed only to the extent that we helped our readers and our advertisers succeed.

Fast-forward to today. In addition to LBM Journal magazine, our list products include  LBMJournal.com, the LBM Journal daily enewsletter, the annual LBM Strategies Conference, weekly LBM Journal webinars, an LBM Journal group on LinkedIn, the soon-to-launch LBM Community email user forum, soon-to-launch LBM Journal Podcasts…

The magazine is still at the heart of what we do, and for good reason. As it happens, we track what you want and how you want it. That’s how we know that 70% of LBM Journal subscribers still prefer the print edition of the magazine. Of the remaining readership, 15% prefer the digital edition, and 15% enjoy both. We work for you…so as your needs evolve, we’ll evolve with them.

This is more than I’ve shared before about LBM Journal’s inauspicious beginnings. I’m doing so now for a couple of reasons. I’m extremely proud of what the small-but-mighty LBM Journal team has built over the past 18 years. And I’m maybe feeling a little nostalgic. Because with this issue, I’m passing the role and title of Editor to the very capable James Anderson.

To be clear, I’m not going anywhere. In fact, this change merely formalizes how our roles have evolved. I’ll continue working on editorial with James, while focusing more on new opportunities to serve you better. Our goal remains the same: to deliver the best information and insights available to help you build your sales, your business, and your brand.

– Rick Schumacher, Executive Editor & Publisher