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Epicor Unveils New Version of Epicor BisTrack


Update Aimed at Simplifying Complex Lumber and Building Materials Operations.

AUSTIN, Texas, March 3, 2015 — Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services organizations, today announced an update to the Epicor BisTrack business management solution for lumber and building materials (LBM) dealers and distributors. Epicor BisTrack version 4.5 is now available in North America and includes over 1,100 improvements that simplify the management of a LBM business, including product batches, sub-assembly to manufacturing and scheduling kits, new Smart Click functionality and an optional offline point of sale (POS) feature.

Epicor BisTrack is a business management solution designed to help dealers and distributors of lumber, building materials and construction supplies better manage all aspects of their businesses and optimize operations. Built on an advanced, scalable and extensible platform, Epicor BisTrack is designed to manage LBM businesses of all sizes. The software creates efficiencies in workflow by improving the flow of information from the supplier to the end customer, and offers powerful and flexible business intelligence tools for better forecasting and decision-making.

“The lumber and building materials industry is inherently broad – spanning manufacturing, distribution and retail operations,” said Graham Rigby, BisTrack product manager for Epicor. “Our customers rely on Epicor to provide solutions that unravel and streamline these intricate functions to support all LBM retailers, dealers and distributors. The new release of Epicor BisTrack delivers this vision by providing the most comprehensive software solution for easy and effective management of every type of LBM business.”

Key new features in the new Epicor BisTrack include:

  • Product Batches – Product batches give LBM dealers a simple solution for handling the otherwise complex task of segregating inventory into specific lots or locations. For example, dealers can now isolate special purchases for a customer job, and keep that purchase cost separate from the rest of their inventory. This gives them better visibility of project profitability and allows for more accurate costing and quoting, and better control over their margins. These batches can also be configured for lot control to better manage color-sensitive items, such as tiles or shingles.
  • Sub-Assembly Manufacturing and Scheduling Kits – Manufactured kits within Epicor BisTrack are designed to reduce the complexity of door and millwork production with a system that streamlines everything from sales order entry to complex, multi-location manufacturing and scheduling. With the new version of Epicor BisTrack, this functionally has been further enhanced with sub-assembly and formula-based rules for quantity calculations—providing support for advanced business processed all while simplifying the end user experience.
  • Smart Clicks – Epicor BisTrack is already noted for its advanced user customization features through its Smart View feature, which provides user-defined views of data. The new Smart Click functionality also allows dealers to customize the way they work with their data. It gives dealers further data extensibility by allowing them to create customized actions on the data. This tool permits dealers to further tailor and configure their workflow, increasing end user efficiency and productivity.
  • Offline Point of Sale (POS) – With this feature, Epicor BisTrack customers can run POS checkouts in an offline mode, allowing dealers to keep the doors open and maintain business continuity during emergencies or periods of network disconnect. This way, dealers can conduct business, perform all necessary transactions and sync them up later with the central server when network access is restored.

For additional information regarding Epicor BisTrack and other Epicor products and services, please contact your Epicor representative, call Epicor toll-free at (888) 463-4700 or email lumber@epicor.com.

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