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Hot Products 2015 International Builders’ Show

Hot Products 2015 International Builders’ Show

Hot Products 2015On January 20-23, the LBM Journal editorial team explored the show floor at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Our quest: the latest/greatest products and services for the new housing and remodeling industry. We weren’t disappointed. While the vast majority of products on display represented improvements on already proven products, manufacturers are serious about contributing to more efficient, better constructed homes. As always, space limitations prevent us from including everything noteworthy, please consider this a glimpse into what’s new. The listings are in no particular order.

Dow Launches Low-Pressure Spray Foam
Dow FROTH-PAK ULTRAFROTH-PAK™ ULTRA Premium Foam Insulation, from Dow Building Solutions, is a lowpressure (LP) spray foam system that is designed to provide users with the same performance attributes as high-pressure (HP) drum foam insulation, but without the expense of large rigs. With no length or width restrictions, FROTH-PAK ULTRA Premium Foam Insulation is said to be the only LP foam that can be left exposed up to 8″ thick in rim joists and 10″ thick in uninhabitable attics and ventilated crawl spaces. The new refill system aims to allow for a lower, longer-term cost of ownership when compared to drum and rig systems. Dow offers an online calculator that enables contractors to quickly and easily calculate what size jobs FROTH-PAK ULTRA will be the most profitable for their business.

Learn more: www.building.dow.com