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Hot Products from the 2018 International Builders’ Show

Hot Products from the 2018 International Builders’ Show

Hot Products

There’s no better place to see the latest, greatest building products than at the annual International Builders’ Show. This year’s show, held January 9-11 in Orlando, featured more than 580,000 sq. ft. of exhibits, and more than 1,500 exhibitors. There is no better place for an industry pro to see brand new products, as well as plenty of incremental improvements on existing products. With manufacturers determined to deliver what you and your customers want, two overriding themes were products that can be installed faster and with less labor, and continuing advancements in technology. The following pages feature companies whose “something new” caught our eye. Who knows…maybe one or more of the products on the pages that follow will be the next big thing for you and your customers. The listings are in no particular order. — The Editors

MiTek SAPP Monitor
MiTek SAPPHIRE Supply software
MiTek has added new features to its SAPPHIRE Supply software solution, including improved functionality for its pro-dealer users. Designed specifically to meet the needs of lumber and building material dealers, SAPPHIRE Supply is a single-source software solution that combines complete, multi-category materials estimating and structural frame design. SAPPHIRE Supply also incorporates the building material supplier’s product SKUs (and pricing) to create a complete “whole house” quote, while performing analysis and design on a range of structural products, including leading proprietary engineered wood products, dimension lumber, and metal connectors and hangers. Recent functionality added to SAPPHIRE Supply now allows multiple estimating jobs to be referenced together in a single file. Additionally, SAPPHIRE Supply’s improved product selection interface allows a search and selection for MiTek Builder Product offerings, with quick access to product images, their MSRP, and what Code Report references may apply to the product. www.mitek-us.com

Ply Gem Windows
Ply Gem MaxView patio door
The Ply Gem MaxView patio door is available with an upgraded automated opening feature and is designed to deliver modern sophistication in high-end new construction and remodeling applications. The large aluminum three-panel, multi-slide door system covers a width of 20′ and height of 10′. The minimalist frame design maximizes the glass viewing area, with vertical stiles of just 19mm (3/4″) wide. The MaxView patio door is said to deliver exceptional energy efficiency through high performance glazing packages and thermally insulated aluminum construction on the frame and panels. Available in numerous design color options, the doors feature an electrostatically coated or designer anodized finish. www.plygem.com

MoistureShield Vision
MoistureShield® Vision™ deck and trim boards
MoistureShield has introduced Vision deck and trim boards, produced with an advanced manufacturing method said to create a modern variegated appearance. Vision decking is available with or without MoistureShield’s CoolDeck® technology. CoolDeck technology optimizes heat reflection so the boards absorb up to 35% less heat than conventional capped composites in similar colors. Deck boards are available in 1″ x 6″ nominal size (1.0″ x 5.4″ actual), 12′, 16′, and 20′ lengths. Available grooved for hidden fasteners and non-grooved Trim boards are 0.67″ x 11.25″ actual dimensions 12′ length. MoistureShield Vision deck boards are backed by a transferable lifetime warranty, along with a lifetime fade and stain warranty. Vision decking also provides advanced scratch resistance. www.moistureshield.com

James Hardie Collection
James Hardie™ Aspyre Collection
The newly-launched Aspyre Collection from James Hardie combines two product lines that can be used individually or in combination to provide industry professionals with numerous design possibilities. To create the Aspyre Collection, James Hardie paired the thick distinctive profiles of Artisan® siding with the smooth, geometric Reveal® Panel System, allowing architects and builders to create designs that range from traditional to ultra-modern. The 5/8″ thick Artisan siding profiles cast deep shadow lines designed to create strong horizontal and vertical definition. Artisan siding features lower profile seams through lap and Lock Joint systems as well as six distinct profiles. The Reveal Panel System is a complete, customizable system of commercial-grade panels, trims and fasteners. Reveal panels can be installed horizontally or vertically, and can be cut to size on-site. The portfolio of products will be available nationally toward the end of 2018. www.jameshardie.com

Feeney Cable Rail
Feeney CableRail Conceal Kit
Feeney’s CableRail Conceal Kit was developed to provide a solution for customers seeking a more streamlined cable railing aesthetic. The end caps on the outside of the railing posts are thinner, and the fittings are shorter in length so they can be completely concealed inside the post. The CableRail Conceal Kit features a specially-designed tension fitting on one end and an automatic-locking Feeney Quick- Connect® fitting on the other end. The kit is available in pre-fabricated assembly lengths ranging from 5′ to 50′ (in 5′ increments) that can be trimmed to exact length in the field. Product accessories, including isolation bushings for harsher environments and decorative stainless or colored end caps, are also available and sold separately. www.feeneyinc.com

Dynaflex Ultra Sealant
Dynaflex Ultra™ Advanced Exterior Sealant from DAP®
DAP Dynaflex Ultra is formulated with Weather Max™ technology for superior all-weather defense and powerful UV protection against color fading, yellowing, discoloration and damage from harsh weather. Dynaflex Ultra is designed to not crack, crumble, chalk or break down. What’s more, Dynaflex Ultra is said to stay flexible to endure expansion and contraction caused by sun, heat, cold, wind and rain. The product adheres to a wide variety of building substrates, including fiber cement, vinyl, aluminum, wood, stucco, brick, masonry and more. The advanced Dynaflex Ultra formula forms a tough exterior designed to resist dirt and dust pick. The hydrophobic surface also prevents water absorption for a weatherproof seal that DAP says won’t swell, soften, blister or break down over time. Dynaflex Ultra is rain ready in just one hour, and carries a lifetime mold, mildew, and algae resistance guarantee. www.dap.com

Fortress Steel Deck Framing
Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Framing
Evolution Steel Deck Framing from Fortress is an interlocking joist and ledger system that was developed by deck builders. Standard Evolution framing was built to support longer spans, reducing the number of footings and columns builders need to have in place. The powder-coated finish is said to provide increased corrosion resistance as well as a more finished look. Evolution components are designed to serve the same shape and function as wood. Rectangle joist profiles are available in 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′, and 20′ lengths and can be cut to size. The steel framing system supports composite, PVC, Ipe, or any wood deck board. Available with a 25-year limited warranty. www.fortressframing.com

Masonite glass
Masonite Cruz decorative glass
Masonite’s focus for 2018 is to complement emerging trends, giving designers and homeowners more options for doors that fit their personal style while adding decorative elements that align with today’s home styles. Cruz decorative glass is designed to complement the urban trend using smooth, sleek glass and clean lines to blend in with concrete, metal and industrial components. The opaque glass adds a level of privacy that is said to also allow light on functional spaces within the home. www.masonite.com

Tando Bark
Signature Stain Shake by Tando
Utilizing a proprietary manufacturing process that integrates real semitransparent wood stain into Tando’s Rustic Cedar 6 Shake, the latest from Derby Building Products is designed to deliver a look that is identical to actual stained wood shakes without the upkeep. With a 50-year Performance Plus Warranty, Signature Stain products are available in three stain colors taken from nature: Fawn, Bark and Acorn. The lightweight design is said to be resistant to high winds, and can be installed by one person. Signature Stain Shake is available in 8′ lengths in single course profiles. www.tandobp.com