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How to effectively use Facebook Messenger in your business


I’m firmly convinced that communication is the pillar of any business—no matter what industry you’re in. Of course, the products and services we provide are what ensures that invoices get paid, but at the root of each transaction is a relationship that was formed through many levels of communication.

Let’s take a look at a sample office:

• Dave likes handshakes and coffee…he’s gotta look into your eyes when he talks to you.
• Steve prefers emails and newsletters and watches the occasional webinar.
• Sharon digs videos on Facebook, YouTube, and is always sharing her favorite LinkedIn article.
• Henry can’t leave the fax machine because he’s convinced “the system” reads everything else.
• Becky loves a good phone chat while looking at a hard copy of a recent report.
• Darcy is super visual. She likes pictures to tell the stories. Instagram pics and Pinterest infographics resonate most with her.
• Luke prefers text messages and is constantly trying new apps to make life easier.

The examples above simply reflect people communicating in the manner in which they best receive information. Truthfully, the examples are a bit siloed as we all receive information in a variety of ways. While Luke might like text, he’s certainly not against a handshake and a beer when the time is right.

I tell you all this to explain the various channels in which people communicate, learn and form decisions on products and services as well as who they will trust (a relationship). But don’t rule out one other channel of communication that exists on the world’s largest social network.

Studies show that 71% of people in the United States have a Facebook account. They spend an average of 35 minutes a day engaging with content there, and they check it on average eight times a day. Is every builder customer on Facebook? Is every homeowner that you could potentially work with on behalf of your customer on Facebook? No, not every one. But the majority are and that’s the stats.

So, if they’re spending 35 minutes a day on Facebook, wouldn’t it be easy to be able to communicate and message on that platform that people are already spending 35 minutes a day on?

Facebook Messenger is a communication method, no different than texting or messaging. I strongly encourage that you set it up for your company. Whenever my company has set up Facebook Messenger, it has been wildly successful. Maybe that user or that person is not ready to call you yet or set up a meeting. Maybe they don’t even want to switch over and click on your email and fill out a contact form, and then type an email then hit send. That is already eight clicks to find out more information on these windows. Eight clicks, in our society today, is too much work for people. Humans choose the path of least resistance, a trait which is extremely evident in online behavior.

Give them a way to send you a quick message with one click and start the communication. You’ve heard me say this before: it is your responsibility as a business and as businesspeople to communicate however your customers want to communicate. At the end of the day, if I’m going to build a relationship with somebody and a fundamental piece of a relationship is communication, then I am going to be completely on board with however they want to communicate.

It’s easy to get started, just set Facebook Messenger up on your business Facebook page and get somebody in your office to watch it. Anyone at a computer most of the day can do this. Your response doesn’t have to be instantaneous, but you can also make sure someone from your company is getting notifications on their phone, and they can respond to customers from anywhere.

Level two of using Facebook Messenger is actually being able to set automatic responses that are very contextual and also entertaining. So if you have a brand video or if you have your hours of operation or a cool project you just did, you can set those up to be able to automatically message with someone. It’s a great way to communicate what you do, define your brand, and show some entertainment and a relationship nature to your business using Facebook as a platform. It’s a way for you to not only be valuable and communicate the way customers want to, but also automate some of the valuable things that you’ve put together to communicate with them.