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IN DEPTH: Doors And Windows

IN DEPTH: Doors And Windows
Vista-Grande-Door-From-MasoniteThe Vista Grande door from Masonite offers textured glass options such as Chord (shown), Pear and Pearl, which provide levels of privacy to meet various needs. The doors create a wider viewing area and cleaner appearance, while the glass provides textured patterns to offer higher obscurity than traditional glass inserts.

Meeting continuing stricter standards is possible in increments, he notes. “Energy Star changes are achievable over time with glass packages and innovation in reinforcement and other materials that slowly evolve. It wouldn’t be able to be done at once. But as materials get more technical, finding ways to meet those needs becomes achievable. Consumers are willing to pay for those incremental differences in performance if they see a recognizable value in them.”

But energy performance is not the driver for sales that it used to be. “Energy Star is up there as a benefit for doors,” says Masonite’s Albrighton. “There are a lot of projects that want to use Energy Star-rated products. But as Energy Star gets stricter, we expect the interest to start to decline. People won’t be willing to pay the premium needed to achieve that rating. I think we’re getting close to that point now.”

Thermo-Tech’s Cook agrees. “Energy Star for windows is only one part of the total enclosure,” he points out. “You can build an Energy Star-rated home with a premium window package that does not itself meet Energy Star. The ratings are a composite of all materials used, including appliances.”

Jeld-Wen-siteline-wood-and-clad-wood-window-and-pation-door-collectionJeld-Wen’s new Siteline Wood and Clad-Wood window and patio door collection offers a mid-tier option with larger window sizes and updated heights and widths. They feature improved thermal performance and more styles while meeting Energy Star 6 requirements. They come with AuraLast, the company’s proprietary water-based wood production process.

Tax credits have expired, eliminating that motivation. “Government mandates are encouraging better performance, and we have really focused on meeting those changes,” says Weather Shield’s Koester. “But there’s less focus on improving performance today. There are fewer incentives available and more expectation that performance will be there. So there’s more focus on aesthetics.”