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LBM Advantage Merger Complete


LBM_AdvantageCooperatives ENAP, Inc. and Progressive Affiliated Lumbermen, Inc. (PAL) have realized the completion of their historic merger to become LBM Advantage, Inc. as of January 1, 2016, the companies announced in a press release.

“It was an honor to lead teams of employees and an integration committee of members from both boards of directors to create this new cooperative” said Steve Sallah, president and CEO. “There was nothing but determined cooperation by all involved to make this a success.”

Focusing on the mission “to create a competitive advantage for our members by leveraging their collective power,” LBM Advantage (known simply as “Advantage”) has strengthened its technology, programs and product offerings to advance its mission to an even higher level. “We’ve added more vendors and program enhancements to the combined membership” said Paul Dean, executive vice president and former CEO of PAL. “Advantage members will enjoy these expanded benefits while being serviced by a larger, more diverse trading staff.”

Advantage shareholders will create $1.5 billion dollars of combined purchasing power with 450 companies operating 820 locations in 33 states. They will be serviced by three offices in New Windsor, New York, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Monroe, Louisiana by traders providing expertise in products and programs unique to each region. “They have a more intimate, working knowledge of their members’ businesses, they speak their language, and they even know the local competition their members face every day” said Sallah. “It’s a membership-service experience at the highest level.”

LBM Advantage, Inc. is a member-owned forest products and building materials cooperative comprised of the industry’s premier independent lumber retailers. Advantage’s first Annual Meeting and Trade Show will be held in Orlando, Florida February 23-25, 2016, gathering members, vendors and staff to kick off and celebrate the birth of this new cooperative.