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LBM Dealer’s Guide to Pinterest

LBM Dealer’s Guide to Pinterest

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Over the past couple of years you have helped more and more DIY customers who have come in with projects that they found on Pinterest. Recently, a customer showed you pictures of a bookshelf project on her phone. As she scrolled through the project directions, you noticed that it was actually from the account of a mid-size chain of lumberyards that is in your area. Instead of your customers getting their ideas from your competitor, maybe it’s time to set up your own Pinterest account.


Create a Pinterest account for your business and implement a strategy that helps you to utilize the social network to increase traffic to your website and continue to grow your online presence, and your in-store sales.

Did you know that Pinterest is the third largest social network? With more than 176 million registered users, if this social media isn’t a part of your social strategy, you might want to consider making a revision.

According to the Joint Center of Housing Studies, younger homeowners devote a much larger share of improvement spending on DIY projects, and Pinterest is a great medium to connect with this audience.


If you don’t already have an established Pinterest account, getting started is quick, easy and free. Go to: www.pinterest. com/business/create/, fill out the registration form and you’re ready to go.


Pinterest is known as the “World’s catalog of ideas,” and the typical user utilizes the site as a search tool for advice and ideas. To be successful with Pinterest you want to inspire, not sell; sharing pins that show off the products you carry and the projects that were built using the products you carry.