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LMC’s Leadership Summit Steps ‘Outside the Box’

LMC’s Leadership Summit Steps ‘Outside the Box’

LMC Leadership SummitLMC’s inaugural Leadership Summit was held in Seattle, Wash. October 20‐23. This meeting was specially developed as a “learning journey.” Designed with LMC’s Aspiring Leaders in mind, it also included emerging owners, presidents, sales and purchasing managers across the LMC network. The journey started with presentations from LBM industry leaders, Weyerhaeuser and James Hardie, then onto innovative companies outside of the industry known for their best practices; Starbucks, Microsoft, and REI.LMC Logo

Starbucks, who took coffee from a commodity to an experience, was the perfect example of the resounding theme throughout the summit; “Adding Value on a Commodity Product.” Stops at Microsoft’s “Home of the Future” focused on a broad view of future trends and a visit to REI’s headquarters instilled attendees with the importance of having a great company culture. Kathy Pearson, PhD, Senior Fellow at The Wharton School and President and Founder of Enterprise Learning Solutions, engaged everyone in core learnings from each company visited and worked to show how the very best practices from these companies could be applied to growth at any lumber and building material businesses.

Tim Huff, Building Center of Gloucester and Chairman of LMC’s Aspiring Leaders group said, “It was a unique opportunity to see and get input from leading companies outside of our industry ‐ this kind of thinking gets us outside our box.”

‘Learning Journals’ were developed to help attendees capture all their insights from the various sessions and became an excellent take home resource. LMC’s Aspiring Leaders group left the summit with new connections, a strong sense of camaraderie, as well as dozens of ideas and concrete actions for leaders to implement.