Home Industry News McCoy’s Building Supply Hosts Ultimate Forklift Challenge

McCoy’s Building Supply Hosts Ultimate Forklift Challenge

McCoy’s Building Supply Hosts Ultimate Forklift Challenge

McCoy's Ultimate Forklift Challenge

San Marcos, Texas — Ten competitors recently battled it out in the Ultimate Forklift Challenge Championship at the McCoy’s Building Supply headquarters in San Marcos. When all was said and done, Zach Redwine, a member of the yard crew at McCoy’s Odessa location was crowned the champion. Andrew Camp, Yard Crew Leader from the Gainesville store captured second place while Jacob Guerrero, a member of the yard crew at McCoy’s Southeast San Antonio store placed third.

McCoy’s held over 88 competitions in five states with 700 certified forklift driver contestants before narrowing it down to the 10 challengers. Participants took a written test then tackled the 2,500 sq. ft., timed obstacle course, navigating pylons while picking up basketballs and avoiding penalties. The courses changed slightly and became tougher as the competition progressed.

“My favorite part of the contest was watching the finals at headquarters,” said David Strom, McCoy’s Director of Loss Prevention and Operations Support. “One part of the course required the forklift driver to lift a pallet carrying a basketball over a board placed between two ladders. And then angle the pallet so the basketball rolled into a trash can to make a basket. That was pretty exciting to watch!”

McCoy's Forklift challenge
Regional winners include, L to R: Felix Rodriguez, Patrick Nix, David Grammar (back), Charles Ham, Zach Redwine, Kenneth Bogan, Keith Murphey, Andrew Camp, Jacob Guerrero and Juan Ortiz.

McCoy’s has held a few forklift competitions in years past but never anything as elaborate at the Ultimate Forklift Challenge. The Risk & Safety division and the Loss Prevention team facilitated the events, which were designed to promote a healthy competition while emphasizing the importance of safety on the job site.

Source: McCoy’s Building Supply