Home Industry News NADRA unveils Consumer Product Awareness Charter

NADRA unveils Consumer Product Awareness Charter

NADRA unveils Consumer Product Awareness Charter

The North American Deck and Railing Association has introduced a new Consumer Product Awareness Charter (CPAC). Announced in its monthly newsletter, the program is developed to allow industry leaders to help self-regulate decking products through standardized testing protocols supported by independent external verification.

“As we have seen in many other industries, when consumers lack confidence due to some ‘bad eggs’ the government often steps in to impose regulations. The increasing media attention on frequent deck/balcony failures and increased deck code development programs point to and support an inherent lack of consumer and distributor confidence,” NADRA President Matt Breyer and Executive Director Michael Beaudry shared with NADRA members in the group’s newsletter.

The program was developed, and supported by a team of technical advisors, over the past five years. The CPAC is designed to ensure that stakeholders can be directly involved in policing the industry to reduce and remove inferior products while establishing validation for quality decking manufacturers. Additionally, NADRA announced, “it serves as an independent tool for retailers and deck builders interfacing with consumers to aid in eliminating purchase anxiety and unrealistic consumer expectations that often lead to negative social media backlash, warranty claims, and legal headaches.”

NADRA is seeking member involvement in the program and input into the final stages of development and market-wide distribution. For more information, click here to download NADRA’s CPAC registration form.