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NRLA Expands to Include EBMDA

NRLA Expands to Include EBMDA
Image courtesy NRLA


Image courtesy NRLA

RENSSELAER, N.Y. – An East Coast regional LBM dealer association grew this week when the board of directors of the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association (NRLA) officially approved an affiliation with the Eastern Building Materials Dealers Association (EBMDA).

The EBMDA is the 14th state and local association affiliated with the NRLA, which is the largest regional association of lumber and building material dealers in the United States, the NRLA said in a press release.

“As our industry evolves, there is no doubt each organization will be stronger together. The NRLA staff is looking forward to helping the EBMDA Board achieve its goals of increasing membership value and strengthening the position of EBMDA’s independent building material suppliers,” said NRLA President Rita Ferris.

Ferris said that the NRLA’s membership roster is now up to 1,243, after the adding 69 retailers and 24 new associates from EBMDA.

“We’re really looking forward to working with EBMDA,” she said. “We believe it’s going to maintain their strength and ours. We have more members to support programs that we’re already producing, such as education and legislative lobbying at federal level. By having more members, we can negotiate better rates for all programs,” Ferris said.

NRLA’s chair Chuck Handley said, “All of us at the NRLA are extremely excited that the affiliation with EBMDA has now been approved by the NRLA Board of Directors,” announced Chuck Handley, Chair of NRLA. “To be able to add Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C. was a natural fit for the NRLA. The Independent dealers in these areas will now benefit from all the services that the NRLA offers.”

“EBMDA exists for the best interests of its independent lumber and building material dealers. After two years of collaborating, EBMDA now becomes an affiliate of NRLA,” said Angelo Quattrocchi, Chair of the EBMDA Board of Directors. “By linking up, we will be allowed to participate in each other’s program and we will benefit from economies of scale with the larger organization.”

The NRLA offers information, products, and services that further the success of LBM dealers. From business services such as insurance, drug testing, payment processing, marketing and human resources, to industry specific education programs, events, and the LBM Expo, NRLA provides access to industry-specific programs for members.

The affiliation process began in June 2015 with the formation of an exploratory task force co-chaired by EBMDA’s Eric Tucker and NRLA’s Joe Miles. “Change is an important part of any organization and it is pivotal for growth,” said Eric Tucker, Co-Chair of the Affiliation Task Force. “As we all know there is strength in numbers and if we can offer more benefits to Independent dealers, we will all succeed.”

“The affiliation with EBMDA means we have a broader base of representation for our legislative efforts, a wider audience for our services and great group of people to work with towards our association goals,” explained Miles.

The NRLA-EBMDA affiliation will be effective Jan. 1, 2017.