Home Industry News PRODUCT PICKS: 2016 Deck Expo and Remodeling Show Edition

PRODUCT PICKS: 2016 Deck Expo and Remodeling Show Edition

PRODUCT PICKS: 2016 Deck Expo and Remodeling Show Edition
Each month, hundreds of products hit the market. Here’s our pick of the ones to watch.

Here are 28 of our editors’ top choices from the 2016 Deck Expo/ Remodeling Show.
Allura Fiber Cement Decking
Allura Fiber Cement Decking
Allura is entering the decking category with a new fiber cement deck product now available in U.S. and Canadian markets. Allura decking is said to offer premium features at a lower price than competing products. Fiber cement technology allows Allura to create a deck with a Class A fire rating that is required in some metropolitan areas. Allura’s decking can also be used on piers and docks. Described as dimensionally stable and resistant to cupping, warping or splitting, Allura decking is backed with a 25-year warranty that also protects against damage from insects and rot. Available for use with hidden fasteners or direct screw. www.allurausa.com

PHEINOX Marine Grade Screws
PHEINOX™ Stainless Steel Marine-Grade Screws from GRK
According to GRK, the unique characteristics of the PHEINOX 316 grade wire gives its stainless steel screws unmatched performance, by maximizing both torque and increasing bending strength. Engineered to resist corrosion in both interior and exterior uses, the PHEINOX 316 Stainless Steel Screws are intended for use in critical applications, including marine applications. Available in a wide range of structural, framing and interior screw varieties, in quantities ranging from mini handy packs of 20 or 25 for individual projects to bulk quantities for larger jobs. www.grkfasteners.com

AZEK Impression Rail
AZEK® Impression Rail™ in Bronze
Described as an easy-to-install aluminum railing system with the look and feel of high-end wrought iron at an affordable price point, Impression Rail from AZEK is now available in both bronze and black. Designed to provide unobstructed views, the low-maintenance railing is described as lightweight, and offering fast and intuitive installation that requires no special tools. Available in 6′, 8′ and 10′ lengths and 36″ or 42″ heights, Impression Rail is covered by a 25-year limited warranty. Builders and homeowners can complete their railing system with Premier Railing™ top rail or post sleeves for a custom look. www.AZEK.com

Sashco Slab Concrete Fix
Sashco Slab® Concrete Fix
Slab by Sashco is an easy-to-apply, water-resistant sealant that stretches to up to 300% of a crack size to create a permanent, weatherproof repair. Slab is designed to stick, stretch and stay attached to banished concrete and cracks. Slab is textured to match concrete and is paintable. When cured, it is said to be completely waterproof. The product is designed for use on expansion joints, sidewalks, driveways, patios, garages and any horizontal concrete surface. Slab can span gaps 3″ wide and, when used with FillerRope™ or a backer rod, is said to be able to fill a crack of any depth. www.sashco.com

TamlynWrap Drainable Housewrap
TamlynWrap Drainable Housewrap
The TamlynWrap Drainable Housewrap is the latest moisture management product from Tamlyn. Used as an alternative to water-resistive barriers, TamlynWrap is said to drain twice as quickly than other drainable housewraps by creating a gap with 1.5 mm spacers bonded to high-performance housewrap. The patented gap design is said to provide true drainage space between sheathing and cladding material. Designed to have a drying capacity of a 3/8″ rainscreen, TamlynWrap can be installed in any direction and is engineered with enhanced drainage capabilities. The product is said to effectively eliminate excessive moisture, thereby mitigating the damaging effects of mold and rot. TamlynWrap is described as meeting existing code requirements for drainability, including water resistance, durability and vapor permeability. www.TamlynWrap.com

QuickStep Outdoor Stair System
QuickStep Outdoor Stair System from Regal Ideas
Aiming to eliminate the need to cut wood stair stringers and try to figure out the rise and run, the QuickStep Outdoor Stair system is designed to solve a problem commonly faced by homeowners and contractors. The QuickStep’s stringers are made of 100% pure aluminum and power coated with a premium UV resistant finish developed to prevent rotting wood or corroding outdoor staircases. The stair treads are made from a S-glass formulation that is designed to be stronger, more durable and to provide resistance to water and flame. Combined, stair stringers and stair threads span 36″ on center with a 4,400-pound weight capacity per step. Regal Ideas’ Connector Kit joins any two stringers together to create up to a 14-step continuous stair. Available in black, white and bronze. www.regalideas.com

Mirrite Outdoor Flooring
Mirrite Outdoor Flooring from Palram
Palram’s Mirrite Outdoor Flooring is made using a proprietary printing and manufacturing process designed to create a mirror-image of natural wood color and grain. Engineered to be low-maintenance and long-lasting, each PVC deck board begins with a digital reproduction to capture subtle variations in wood. Mirrite is engineered to resist stains, scratches, fading and dings. Each board is coated with the same protective glazing developed by Palram scientists who also engineered bullet-resistant products. www.palramamericas.com

Grabber Deckmaster
Grabber Deckmaster Deck Clips
Grabber’s Deckmaster G6 and GTT6 deck clips have been reengineered to make grabbing boards easy, creating an even 1/5″ gap between boards. The new patentpending design features a stronger four-wing unibody construction made of 30% more steel and 2,000 hour GrabberGard corrosion protection. GrabberGard is ACQ compliant and is recommended for PVC, wood or composite materials in non-coastal areas. The new Deckmaster clips include a 30 year limited warranty. DeckMaster’s hidden angle bracket has also been redesigned to be stronger. www.grabberman.com

Screw Products
Screw Products, Inc. ICC ESR-Compliant Screws
Screw Products, Inc. has received ICC ESR-3654 Code compliance approval for its Bronze Star CCTX Star Drive Structural Lag Screws and Timber Hex TH & THG 5/16″ Drive, Hex Head Structural/Landscape Screws, thus complying with IBC 2015, 2012 and 2009 and IRC 2015, 2012 and 2009. The Bronze Star CCTX Star Drive Structural Lag Screws are available in 1/4″ x 2-1/2″ to 6″ lengths, 5/16″ x 3″ to 6″ lengths, and 3/8″ x 7″ to 12″ lengths. Packaged in Bulk, 100ct, 50ct with a Free 2″ Star Drive Bit, and are also available as individual fasteners labeled with UPC sticker. The Timber Hex TH & THG 5/16″ Drive, Hex Head Structural/Landscape Screws are packaged in Bulk, 50ct, each with a Free Hex Bit—also available as individual fasteners labeled with UPC sticker. The #14 x TH Black Series are available in 4″ to 14″ lengths. The #17 x THG Gray Series are available in 5″, 7″, 9″, and 11″ lengths. www.screw-products.com

LED Post Accent Light
New LED Post Accent Light from Feeney
Feeney, Inc. introduces a new 24-volt LED Post Accent Light for its DesignRail® aluminum railing system. The light mounts to the post face to create a down-facing light, and it features a decorative aluminum slip-on scone with power-coated finishes designed to match any of the 14 DesignRail frame colors. Designed to be energy efficient, the LED lights are rated for up to 50,000 hours and have a high color rendering index. Polycarbonate lenses are said to diffuse light more evenly and provide additional protection against the elements. The accent light is designed to be easy to install with plug-and-go connectors and is compatible with third-party dimmers and switches. www.feeneyinc.com

MoistureShield Refine
MoistureShield® Refine™
MoistureShield Refine is designed to balance natural aesthetics and advanced durability. Refine enhances MoistureShield’s proprietary moisture-resistant core with an added layer of protection. Refine’s integrated cap also is engineered to hide wear and tear with enhanced fade and stain resistance. Each Refine board features natural variegation and high definition wood-grain detail. MoistureShield Refine will be available in 1″x6″ (nominal) deck boards of 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths and 12′ fascia boards. MoistureShield decking is designed to be installed on the ground, in the ground or underwater, while still covered by a lifetime residential warranty and 25-year fade and stain warranty. www.moistureshield.com

Screeneze Screen System
Screeneze® Screen System
Screeneze is a field-built fixed screen system that features an aluminum base and vinyl cap that, when snapped together, are designed to stretch and secure screen fabric, eliminating the need for user stretching. Screeneze is available in 8′ and 12′ lengths, in Bronze, White, and Sand & Clay colors, and is designed to be installed using a variety of screen fabrics and has been developed to span a panel up to 150 square feet without additional support. Screeneze is engineered to eliminate the need for spline or staples, and is backed by a 10-year product warranty. www.screeneze.com

Starlight Designer Series
Starlight® Designer Series from AGS Stainless
AGS Stainless has unveiled a new group of decorative design patterns for its line of solar-powered LED lights. The Starlight Designer Series lights do not require any wiring. The stainless steel housing features laseretched patterns ranging in style from craftsman to modern, with available in-stock finishes in brushed stainless steel and stainless steel powdercoated black. Custom colors are available upon request. Designed to be used in either residential or commercial spaces, Starlights feature an open bottom designed for a down-lighting effect that’s powered by a rechargeable AAA NiMh battery that replenishes itself during daylight hours via a 1-1/2″ x 3″ angled solar panel. Starlights produce 5 to 6 lumens of light for up to 10 hours. www.AGSstainless.com

STINGER EXO Synthetic Roofing Underlayments
STINGER® EXO Synthetic Roofing Underlayments from National Nail
National Nail’s STINGER brand now offers three ICC certified synthetic underlayments—EXO50, EXO35, and EXO25—to meet the building and warranty requirements of installers and homeowners. STINGER EXO Synthetic Underlayments are UV-resistant and can be exposed for up to six months. The synthetic woven fabrics are said to offer high tear strength, and proprietary nonskid additives provide better roof deck contact for high slip-resistance. Each roll is lightweight, and with 10 squares per roll, fewer rolls need to be carried to the roof. In addition, pre-printed nailing patterns and overlap lines speed installation. www.stingerworld.com

Zuri Grooved Boards
Zuri® Grooved Boards from Royal Building Products
Royal’s newly-engineered grooved boards are designed to combine the look of exotic hardwood with the durability and low maintenance requirements of PVC. The boards offer a hidden fastener application with pre-threaded screws designed for fast installation. The grooved boards provide two options for a finished look with tighter seams between boards—a 3/32″ spacing or a 3/16″ gap. Available in a 5/4″ by 5-1/2″ wide board in 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths, Zuri Grooved Boards are available in chestnut, walnut, pecan, Brazilia, and weathered gray. Zuri.royalbuildingproducts.com

MFM Building Products’ Peel & Seal
MFM Building Products’ Peel & Seal® Retail Packaging
MFM Building Products has introduced Peel & Seal Aluminum in new shrinkwrapped and labeled retail packaging units. Peel & Seal is a self-stick roll roofing waterproofing membrane specifically designed for low-slope/low-pitch residential and commercial applications. To help distributors and building supply stores increase sales, the company now individually wraps and labels 4″, 6″, and 9″ by 33.5′ rolls of Aluminum Peel & Seal. The retail label is printed in English, Latin American Spanish and French Canadian languages to serve a diverse customer base. Peel & Seal is designed for difficult waterproofing areas including dormers, sunroom additions, mobile homes, and flashing around chimneys, vents and other irregular features. Peel & Seal comes with a 10-Year Limited Warranty. www.mfmbp.com

Color Guard Lincoln Aluminum Railing
Color Guard Lincoln Aluminum Railing
Color Guard’s Lincoln Aluminum railing is available in multiple lengths for both straight and stair section kits. Each section is designed to be true to length, for ease of project installation. Available in non-glossy textured, powder-coated colors including black, white, and bronze, Lincoln Aluminum railing is designed to be rustresistant and easy to maintain. Developed to be easy to install, Lincoln 3″x3″ posts come in 37″ and 43″ lengths and feature a leveling strip/bolt assembly for installation with a socket wrench and level. A 4″x4″ x 108″ load-bearing structural post is also available and is rated for 11,000 pounds. Color Guard railing is produced in the U.S. All post kits include a cap and collar designed to provide a finished look. www.colorguardrailing.com

Maze Nails
Maze Nails
Maze Nails manufactures double hotdipped galvanized and stainless steel nails for all types of decking including treated wood, composite, cedar and redwood. Developed to be rustresistant, Maze Nails’ ring and spiral shank nails are designed for increased holding power into decking products. Maze Nails STORMGUARD® contain a thick coating of zinc designed to provide maximum corrosion-resistance. Maze nails are constructed to meet and exceed ASTM A 153 specification for hot-dip galvanizing. www.mazenails.com

Heritage DeckingHeritage Decking by Deckorators
Deckorators has introduced two new Heritage deck boards. Heritage Riverhouse and Heritage Smokehouse are made of a wood-plastic composite featuring an embossing that is developed to resemble the rustic look and feel of distressed wood flooring. The embossing process is designed to develop a pattern that does not repeat for at least 12 feet. Heritage Riverhouse (brown) and Heritage Smokehouse (gray) will be available for the 2017 decking season in 12′, 16′, and 20′ and slotted-edge profile, along with fascia. Developed to be low-maintenance, Deckorators offers a 25-year stain-and-fade and 25-year removal-and-replacement limited warranty. www.Deckorators.com/GoBeyondOrdinary

Pre-Drilled Posts
Pre-Drilled Posts from Woodway
Woodway’s Pre-Drilled Posts are designed to cut time and labor needed to install stainless steel cable on any deck job. Woodway’s posts are said to work with virtually all brands of cable rail to improve precision in installation. Available in Doug Fir, Western Red Cedar and Mahogany, each post’s 1/4″ holes are drilled plumb and square 3” on center. Woodway’s Pre-Drilled Posts are designed to be installed under sleeves, can be clad with wood, composite, PVC or vinyl, or to use as stand-alone posts. Woodway offers self-merchandising cartons for immediate stock. www.woodwayproducts.com

Mouse Shield Foam Sealant
Touch ‘n Foam® Mouse Shield™ Foam Sealant
Touch ‘n Foam’s new Mouse Shield Foam Sealant and Blocker is designed to protect from pests and air leaks. Formulated with an EPA-registered pesticide to block mice and other pests as well as seal air leaks and insulate to help save energy costs, Mouse Shield is engineered to be tack-free in 15 minutes and to dry in four hours. Mouse Shield comes recommended for filling gaps and voids in basements, crawl spaces, attics, garages, under sinks, around pipe/electrical penetrations, or anywhere pests or drafts can enter homes and living spaces. www.touchnfoam.com/pest

Adjustable Deck Tension Tie
MiTek’s New Adjustable Deck Tension Tie
MiTek’s Adjustable Deck Tension Tie (ADTT-TZ) is designed to resist lateral (horizontal) loads that pull a deck away from a house or structure. The development of the new ADTT-TZ is part of an overall effort by MiTek to make decks safer. The ADTT-TZ brings users in compliance with 2015 IRC Codes which require the installation of a “hold-down device” with a minimum allowable tension load of 750 lbs., in four locations on the deck. According to MiTek, the ADTT-TZ’s real innovation is its ability for adjustable installation. The ADTT-TZ satisfies those requirements, and can be installed with screws either adjacent or up to 4-3/8″ below deck joist, avoiding the need for blocking extensions. Made of 14-guage steel, with G-185 galvanizing, the ADTT-TZ offers a two-hold break-out washer said to work with multiple screw sizes. www.mitek-us.com

KWP Eco-side Siding
KWP Eco-side Siding
Made from 100% recycled wood, KWP’s Eco-side engineered wood is specifically engineered with an increased density profile surface to withstand impact. KWP siding meets CARB emission standards. Made from a proprietary advanced resin system, KWP siding is designed to create a high-performance resistance to water, weather, termites and fungal decay. KWP uses an in-line pre-sealer designed to serve as a barrier to elements and help eliminate the chance of delamination. The siding is available in a variety colors, and in 6″ and 8″ widths with a 3/8″ thickness and 12′ lengths, and is backed by a 50-year warranty against cracking, denting and hail damage and a 25-year finish warranty. www.kwpproducts.com

New Versatex Column Wrap Styles
New Versatex Column Wrap Styles
Versatex has introduced two new column-wrap designs to expand the range of weatherproof options for cladding unfinished structural posts. The additions to the VERSAWRAP trim system offer the choice of a traditional raised-panel effect or a tapered profile. Wraps are made of zero-maintenance PVC. Both the Versatex columns and VERSAWRAP trim are designed to be easy to assemble, with permanent, full-length, snap-together closures. All components are manufactured of matte-finished cellular PVC. The raised-panel wrap is being sold in 6″x6″ and 8″x8″ sizes, both in 8’6″ or 10′ lengths, a sub-set of the available sizes of the original VERSAWRAP. The four-piece tapered wrap kit is sold in four sizes: 16″ wide at the base tapering to 12″ at the top, and 12″ tapering to 8″ at the top, both in 5′ or 6′ lengths. www.versatex.com

Clubhouse PVC Decking
Clubhouse® PVC Decking from The Tapco Group
Made of 100% PVC with no wood or wood fillers, Clubhouse Decking from The Tapco Group is designed to provide the look of natural grain wood with minimal upkeep. Clubhouse’s exclusive dual layer protective capstock is said to provide exceptional strength while weighing up to 25% less than wood composite decking. With the use of heat blankets, Clubhouse Decking can be shaped and curved to enable builders to create durable, imaginative outdoor spaces. Made in the U.S., Clubhouse Decking is backed by a limited, transferable lifetime performance warranty, along with a 25-year limited fade and stain warranty. Complementary vinyl rail, lighting and fasteners are available as well. www.clubhousedecking.com

U2 fasteners
New Lineup from U2 fasteners®
Thunder Bay, Canada-based U2 fasteners recently launched with five diverse product lines that the company says have superior driving, features and coatings. Described as an ideal deck screw, the U2 Universal Screw is available in lengths of 1-1/2″ – 6″ in hardened steel, and 1-1/2″ to 4″ in 316 grade stainless steel. The U2 Construction Screw, also available in hardened steel (up to 12″) and 316 grade stainless steel (up to 6″), is engineered to replace lag screws. The U2 Fine Screw is designed specifically for carpenters who do fine professional work. Designed for light interior and exterior work, the U2 Cap Screw is available in lengths from 1-1/4″ to 3″. Lastly, the U2 TopStar Screw is engineered to replace shims when leveling doors, windows and cabinets. The company also offers a full line-up of U-Bits, which are designed to fit the U2 fasteners tight fit recess. www.u2fasteners.com

Extruded PVC Railing System
Duralife™ Rockport™ Extruded PVC Railing System
Duralife’s new Rockport extruded PVC railing system is said to deliver a cleaner and more elegant appearance while still meeting structural building code requirements for both residential and commercial applications. The system was specifically developed for level rail spans up to 10′ and up to 8′ of stairs. Featuring hidden stainless steel mounting hardware, flat top rails with chamfered edges and a matte white finish, the system also comes with matching pyramid style post caps and collars. Available in 6′, 8′, and 10′ rail kits and 8′ stair rail kits. Rails are available in 36″ or 42″ in height. www.duralifedecking.com

ClipStone Universal Trim Stone
ClipStone® Universal Trim Stone
Clipstone’s new Universal Trim Stone is designed to be used for wall caps, fireplaces, inside corners, and window and door trim. Universal Trim Stone measures 3″x3″x12″ and is available in all accessory colors. Universal Trim Stone comes packaged 18 pieces to a box and is available nationwide. Launched in 2013, ClipStone, a mortarless stone veneer installed with common tools, is engineered to be easy to install with no maintenance, no sealing and no ongoing cleaning required. Available in two profiles: Ledgestone and ProStack. ClipStone is backed by a 50-year warranty. www.myclipstone.com