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Product Picks: October 2018

Product Picks: October 2018

Each month, hundreds of products hit the market. Here’s our pick of the ones to watch.

Royal column wrap

Conceal Column Wraps from Royal Building Products

Royal Building Products has launched Conceal Column Wraps, available in Traditional, Craftsman and Builder styles. The 100% cellular PVC column wraps feature a “clam shell” design with three pre-assembled sides that surround the existing post, designed for a seamless appearance. The fourth side is applied to enclose the entire column. Royal’s Column Wraps are said to be resistant to moisture, preventing issues found in traditional wood columns, such as warping, rotting and insect damage. Royal’s new column wraps, capitals and bases are available in the three unique styles. They’re said to be virtually maintenance-free and easy to install using typical tools. Backed by a limited 25-year warranty. www.royalbuildingproducts.com

max superframer

MAX SuperFramer

The SN883RH3 SuperFramer is the latest edition of MAX’s 21-degree stick framer. Driven by up to 120PSI of pressure, the SN883RH3 has the power to drive 2″x.113″ to 3 1/4″x.148″ full round head nails and can be used for framing, sheathing, decking and the installation of subflooring. Weighing in at just 7 lbs., the MAX SuperFramer’s features include: dial-adjustable depth control, a trigger lock lever for safety, a maintenance free end cap filter that captures dirt and sand down to 11 microns, a nose magnet that holds the last nail in place to prevent jams, and an aggressive nose for toe naili ng. It is shipped with both a sequential fire trigger and a rapid fire trigger. This latest iteration of the MAX SuperFramer also comes equipped with a tangle free swivel plug and a heavy-duty steel rafter hook. www.maxusacorp.com

ProVia glazed finishes for entry doors

ProVia’s glazed finishes (available for Embarq and Signet fiberglass entry doors) are designed to provide a distinctive weathered, rustic look. To create this finish, the stain on each entry door is hand-applied by ProVia’s craftsmen, who apply brush-stroke variations in the depth of stain color on the fiberglass. ProVia’s glazed finishes are said to work well with Craftsmanstyle homes, Victorians, European, French-style architectures as well as Cape Cods and Dutch farmhouses. ProVia’s glazed finishes are covered by a 10-year finish warranty. www.provia.com

MiTek hardy frame

MiTek’s Hardy Frame CFS Picture Frame

MiTek USA’s Hardy Frame brand now offers a range of seven products in a “full spectrum” offering of lateral-load solutions for light-frame, multistory construction. The latest addition to the line is the Hardy Frame CFS Picture Frame. The Hardy Frame CFS Picture Frame is a cold-formed steel solution for multi-family sheer wall systems. It is designed to be an effective solution for multi-story applications with large window openings. The product is a self-reacting moment frame that distributes compression on wood members below. Two panels are installed back-to-back and can double capacity. The Hardy Frame CFS Picture Frame is said to be easy to assemble on site, and incorporates the MiTek Z4 continuous tie-down system. www.mitek-us.com

Home automation from Weather Shield

Weather Shield has introduced a new product that automates the opening and closing of some of the company’s windows and sliding door models. Now, to close any Weather Shield awning window or multi-slide door all that is needed is the push of a button or an audible command to Amazon Alexa, the company says. In addition to taking commands in real time, automated windows and doors are designed to adjust themselves given specific scenarios such as a fire or CO2 detector trigger. Automated windows and doors can be set to open or close at certain times of the day or if specific conditions are met. Creating pre-set criteria based on timing or thermostat temperatures can help to ensure windows and doors adjust to keep energy use down, while keeping a home comfortable. www.weathershield.com

Simpson Strong-Tie

BTH brick tie from Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced the industry’s first brick tie that the company says is capable of costeffectively connecting veneers to lightframe construction across 3″ airspaces. Fabricated from 22-gauge galvanized steel, the BTH brick tie is fieldadjustable in two places and is designed to be installed with either side facing up, which is said to provide strength and versatility across varied jobsite conditions. Includes embossments for added strength when connecting wood framing and veneer across wider airspaces. Tie ends are embedded in the mortar a minimum of 1-1/2″ and connecting to the framing with a single 0.131″ x 2-1/2″ nail. Dual field-bendable zones allow for adjustment to airspaces within the 2″ to 3″ range. www.strongtie.com/bth

Combi-PPT powered pallet truck from Combilift

Combilift has launched a new high capacity powered pallet truck—the Combi-PPT. The powered pallet truck comes with standard lift capacities of 6,000 lbs. and 12,000 lbs., with higher capacity models from 15,000 lbs. to 35,000 lbs. available. The Combi-PPT enables the operator to stand at the side of the unit rather than at the rear, a feature designed to give operators more visibility of their loads and surroundings. Combi-PPT features include: Power steering, AC motor technology, rear wheel drive, and a patented multi-position tiller arm. Optional extras include: Fork configurations for reels, wider forks, longer forks, closed fork height, and a salve pallet system. www.combilift.com

CertainTeed EverNew deck

EverNew vinyl deck collection from CertainTeed

CertainTeed’s EverNew vinyl deck collection includes a complete system of porch and deck products and accessories. It also integrates with EverNew vinyl and composite railing’s selection of colors and styles. EverNew decking is designed to be easy to install with planks that screw directly to joists to prevent squeaking. The non-porous vinyl surface is said to be simple to maintain, easy to clean, cool to the touch, and resistant to stains and water damage. EverNew decking comes in three UV-protected colors: white, grey, and almond, and three plank lengths: 12′, 16′ and 20′. Its raised ridge tread is designed to provide a safe, non-slip surface to serve as a surrounding for pools and hot tubs or on docks or boat slips. EverNew vinyl decking is backed by a lifetime limited warranty and exclusive SureStart protection. www.certainteed.com

BILCO keyed lock kit

BILCO Basement Door Keyed Lock Kit

The Basement Door Keyed Lock Kit manufactured by BILCO is designed to provide convenient access to basement storage areas, workshops, playrooms, and utility rooms for homeowners and is supplied with a template and complete instructions for quick and easy installation. The lock features a corrosion-resistant finish and is designed for trouble-free operation. Its cylinder cap has been developed to keep the lock clean, dry, and useable in all weather. Gaskets and self-locking fasteners are said to provide a secure, weathertight installation. The Keyed Lock Kit can be installed in 30 minutes or less. The door can also still be locked and unlocked from the inside by simply pushing the slide bar into position to lock it or pushing the handy release lever to open the door. www.bilco.com

Alside vinyl windows

Alside vinyl window collections

Alside has recently launched its 1700 and 1900 (pictured) new construction vinyl window collections. Both series feature solid vinyl construction with fusionwelded corners designed to provide added strength, energy efficiency and weather-tight performance. The windows are available in contemporary exterior colors, a variety of grid profiles and grid patterns, and advanced glass packages. Alside’s insulated glass packages combine Low-E glass with a u-channel design warm-edge spacer system to create an effective thermal barrier that meets ENERGY STAR requirements in all four climate zones. Both series are available in Alside’s eastern distribution area, and come with a lifetime limited warranty. www.alside.com

Tintable wood stain from Sherwin Williams’ Minwax

The new Minwax Performance Series tintable wood stain from Minwax can be tinted in a wide variety of colors. In addition to a new 48-color palette announced along with the tintable wood stain, the product is available in custom and stain-matched hues. It is designed to be recoated in two- to six-hours, compared with 18- to 24-hours for conventional stains. The thicker formula has been developed to provide a longlasting finish and causes less dripping. The new Minwax tintable wood stain is also available in a lower VOC version. www.s-w.com/minwax-performance

FlamePro retardant

FlamePRO treated wood products from Koppers

FlamePRO flame retardant treated wood products from Koppers Performance Chemicals is an interior Type A High Temperature (HT) fire retardant treated wood (FRTW) formulation, applied through pressure impregnation. FlamePRO lumber and plywood products are pressure-treated with a registered chemical formulation designed to reduce flame-spread and smoke development for enclosed structural applications. FlamePRO is said to meet all major model building code requirements and comply with AWPA UC-1 and UCFA use category systems. The products are developed to deliver exceptional fire performance properties without compromising critical engineering properties such as strength durability, corrosivity and hygroscopicity. FlamePRO fire retardant treated wood products are backed by a 50-year limited warranty. www.kopperspc.com

RustOleum turbo spray

Turbo Spray System from Rustoleum

Rustoleum’s new Turbo Spray System is designed to pair the easy cleanup of an aerosol with the high output of a professional sprayer. The product’s super-sized fan tips are designed to spray paint four times wider and four times faster than traditional spray paint. With its 10″ wide fan spray, the Turbo Spray System is designed to deliver professional spray equipment results without the mess of pouring, measuring, thinning or cleanup. The oversized 24-ounce can is ideal for large projects such as sheds, patio furniture, retaining walls, entry and garage doors, trailers and more. www.rustoleum.com

Drawer pulls from Mockett

Designed to be elegant, modern, and understated, the new drawer pulls from Mockett are a contemporary take on a classic, traditional square pull design that results in a leaner form with a sleek aerodynamic body. Available in three sizes: 8-1/8″, 10- 5/8″, and 18-3/16″ lengths. All have a 1-5/16″ projection. The drawer pulls are available in four finishes: Satin Nickel, Matte Chrome, Polished Chrome, and Brown-Black. Comes standard with 1″ mounting screws. www.mockett.com

New masonry drill bits from DEWALT

DEWALT’s new SDS Plus 2 Cutter and SDS Max High Impact Carbide 4 Cutter Bits come with a No Break Guarantee. In addition to improved durability and life of the drill bit, both ranges of bits feature a wearmark indicator, providing the user with a guide for drilling to an ANSI hole diameter specification for mechanical anchors. The No Break Guarantee means that if the masonry drill bit breaks while the wear-mark is still present, DEWALT will replace it free of charge. The SDS Max High Impact Carbide 4 Cutter Drill Bits feature a redesigned full head of carbide built to reduce head breakage and provide 2X longer life. In addition to the redesigned carbide head, these new bits feature DEWALT’s Iron Blast Technology, developed to help strengthen the body of the bit to reduce breakage when drilling holes in tough concrete applications. The SDS Plus 2 Cutter Bits feature a tapered core designed to provide maximum durability and a variable helix flute pattern for efficient material removal. www.dewalt.com

New siding visualizer from Wolf Home Products

Wolf Home Products has launched Wolf Portrait Siding Visualizer—an interactive, web-based design tool for homeowners and contractors. The visualizer was developed to help illustrate the exterior options available using Wolf Home Products’ new siding product, Wolf Portrait High-Density Cellular Siding. The mobile-friendly interface shows customers the variety of Wolf Portrait Siding colors and profiles available, as well as compatibility with various roofing, shutter and door paint, and trim color options. In addition, users have the ability to upload a photo of their own home to get a realistic vision of what their actual home may look like with Wolf Portrait Siding. www.wolfhomeproducts.com

Mira double hung windows from Ply Gem

Mira Premium Series double hung windows feature a tilt-in sash designed for easy cleaning from the inside, and the sash interlocking is designed to provide superior structural performance. A three-piece jambliner allows for different interior and exterior jamb-liner colors. A 6/4 sash construction has been designed for a historically accurate wood window look. Vacuum-treated, solid wood components are said to resist damage from water and fungus. Available in four interior colors: Natural clear wood, white, primed, and black. Exteriors are available in 46 colors. www.plygem.com

versatex trimboards

Versatex expands Canvas Series profiles

Versatex has expanded its Canvas Series of maintenance-free, hardwood-toned PVC trimboards. Two new profiles have been designed to match colorfast woodgrain finishes. The 1/2″ x 6″ tongue-and-groove beadboard and a bed mould was added in textures and colors that replicate the look of black cherry, walnut or tropical macore, as well as an amber tone. Canvas Series components are designed to be easy to work with, stable and weather-resistant. Versatex supplies the Canvas Series beadboard in 18′ lengths, and the bed mould in 16′ lengths. Both are sold through Versatex distribution and dealer partners. www.versatex.com

Milwaukee Tool’s M18 FUEL 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum

The new M18 FUEL 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum boasts a POWERSTATE brushless motor and cyclonic design designed to deliver powerful suction and is said to be three times quieter than traditional jobsite vacuums. A removeable harness, integrated hook, and handle allow users to wear, hang, and carry the vacuum anywhere. The vacuum’s POWERSTATE brushless motor and cyclonic construction are made to deliver powerful air performance at 55 CFM, 76″ of water lift, and 159 air watts to clean up drywall dust, concrete dust, wood/ metal shavings and other common jobsite debris. A quick-release removable harness, integrated canister hook, and handle allow users to wear, hang, and carry the product. Powered by an M18 REDLITHIUM HD9.0 battery pack, the vacuum has a run-time of up to 25 minutes on High mode, and more than 40 minutes on Low. Covered by a 5-year tool, 3-year battery warranty. www.milwaukeetool.com

Bosch laser measure

Bosch outdoor laser measure with viewfinder

Bosch has introduced a new line of BLAZE outdoor connected measurers. The BLAZE Outdoor GLM400C with a viewfinder and the GLM400CL with a camera (pictured). Both outdoor laser measures rely on an adjustable zoom camera with scratch-proof screen to find the laser target at up to 400′ in bright conditions, expansive indoor space or against busy backdrops. The color display is designed to be easy to read by illuminating large numbers and providing clear resolution in dark areas. The BLAZE GLM400CL version can take photos and comes with memory for 50 measurements and storage for up to 200 images. A digital bubble level provides a visual reference. Measurement documentation can be transferred to a smartphone or tablet relying on Bluetooth connectivity in conjunction with Bosch’s MeasureOn app. www.boschtools.com

Flat casing exterior accessory from MI Windows

MI Windows and Doors has introduced a new flat casing exterior accessory for use with many of the company’s new construction vinyl windows. Designed to provide a more traditional look, the casing is now available with MI’s 4300 single-hung, 1556 double-hung, 9770 casement, and 9660 awning products. The colonial-style casing is attached to the frame after being welded. The installation is then completed by fastening the jambs and nail fin on the casing’s outer edges. The new flat casing is 3-1/2″ wide and designed to picture frame the head and jambs, mimicking the look of traditional colonial wood casing. Its sill nose is designed to blend easily with any traditional exterior. www.miwindows.com