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PRODUCT PICKS: September 2016

PRODUCT PICKS: September 2016

ArmorCoat XT Post

ArmorCoat XT Post from Belco Forest Products

Belco Forest Products’ ArmorCoat XT post is an engineered glulam column certified by APA-The Engineered Wood Association. The columns feature a Wolmanized surface treatment and comb face on all four sides. The posts arrive pre-primed and ready to install. ArmorCoat XT posts are available in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 sizes, in lengths of 8′, 10′ and 12′. All sizes have an optional electrical conduit chase in the center core. Applications include porch, deck and railing posts, pergolas and knee braces. Designed to be less costly than fiberglass or aluminum alternatives, ArmorCoat XT posts do not require additional trim to wrap unfinished columns. Said to be environmentally friendly with a water-based treatment, ArmorCoat XT posts include a 20-year limited warranty against rot. www.belcofp.com

Zip System R-Sheathing

Zip System® R-Sheathing from Huber

Huber Engineered Woods has introduced a new R-9 insulation thickness to its ZIP system R-sheathing line. ZIP System R-sheathing solutions for residential, multifamily and light commercial construction is structurally approved engineered wood sheathing panels with built-in polyisocyanurate continuous foam insulation. ZIP System R-sheathing solutions include an integrated waterresistive barrier said to eliminate the need for housewrap. ZIP System is constructed with advanced acrylic ZIP System flashing tape to seal panel seams. Available with a 30-Year Limited Warranty. www.ZipSystem.com

DuPont Tyvek Protec

DuPont’s Tyvek® Protec™ Roofing Underlayments

Tyvek Protec is suitable for use by professional roofing and exteriors contractors as a secondary water barrier on steep-sloped roofs (2:12 or higher) under asphalt shingle, tile, metal, cedar or slate. Tyvek Protec is offered in a variety of product grades: Tyvek Protec 120, 160 and 200, each said to provide increasing quality, durability, strength, UV resistance, and warranty protection. Tyvek Protec is designed to be installed even in adverse weather conditions—dry, wet, hot, cold or dirty. In addition, the product is said to lay flat and be wrinkle-free for ease of installation. Tyvek Protect is also designed to be easy to chalk. www.tyvek.com/protec

CertainTeed STONEfaçade

CertainTeed STONEfaçade

New STONEfaçade from CertainTeed was developed in order to open the stone masonry market to siding contractors. STONEfaçade is said to be easy to quickly install. Each STONEfaçade panel has a continuous fastening flange for screw-in-place attachment; no mortar is required. Panes are 8″ high and are available in 10″, 14″ and 24″ widths. Perimeter edges are beveled to hide the substrate and are designed to create a smooth, continuous appearance. A 3/8″ stainless steel insert creates space behind a rain screen for moisture to drain, while also serving as a reinforcement. Panels are molded from handpicked natural stones that were individually selected and positioned to mimic hand-laid workmanship. STONEfaçade covers 110 square feet without repeating a pattern. Available in four colors: Adirondack Snowfall, Appalachian Twilight, Pocono Autumn and Harbor Sunset. Accessories available include sills, corners and electrical and light boxes. www.certainteed.com

Benjamin Obdyke’s FlatWrap

Benjamin Obdyke’s FlatWrap® UV Housewrap

A new release of commercial-grade FlatWrap UV housewrap from Benjamin Obdyke has been specifically designed for use in architectural designs that incorporate open joint claddings. When used in conjunction with a rain screen, it is said to provide superior bulk water drainage, vapor permeability and durability. The product was developed with a high performance tri-laminate design, and a vapor permeability of 35 perms. FlatWrap UV housewrap is said to increase tear and wind load resistance for jobs over 40 feet. FlatWrap UV is said to reduce both material and labor costs. Does not require seams to be taped and its black color is designed to make the product virtually invisible in an open wall assembly. Available in 500 square-foot rolls designed for one-man installation. www.benjaminobdyke.com

Milwaukee Tool Bits

Double-Ended Power Bits from Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool’s new Double-Ended Power Bits enable the use of two unique tips from one bit for increased productivity. Optimized Shockzone™ geometry is said to provide 30 times longer life versus other power bits. Made of custom Alloy76™ steel and heat treated, the new Double-Ended Power Bits are designed to absorb peak torque and prevent breakage. Each Precise-Fit Custom Machined Tip™ is said to prevent stripping and reduce wobble. The new 2-3/8″ Double-Edged Power Bits include a variety of bit tip configurations. Both ends lock securely in impact drivers and quick-change chucks. The new SHOCKWAVE™ expansion also includes enhanced socket adapters and magnetic bit holders. www.milwaukeetool.com