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Product Picks: September 2018

Product Picks: September 2018

Each month, hundreds of products hit the market. Here’s our pick of the ones to watch.

Huttig Adhesive

Huttig-Grip construction adhesives

Huttig recently introduced two adhesive products—Huttig-Grip Subfloor and Drywall Adhesives— to its new line-up of Huttig-Grip products. The lines have been developed as a consolidation of product categories that Huttig says makes it easier for suppliers to stay competitive and work efficiently. The subfloor adhesive is available in three formulations with varying installation and performance attributes; all three exceed the performance requirements of APA’s AFG-01. The drywall adhesive comes in two formulations, including a no-odor, water-based formula. www.huttig.com

Alan McIlavain mouldings

Alan McIlvain hardwood mouldings

Alan McIlvain Company has been producing and distributing hardwood lumber, S4S, and custom mouldings for 220 years. Recently added to the company’s product offerings are in-house manufactured and primed mouldings. Starting with high quality mouldings, the company’s new Cefla priming line is said to provide primed and buffed mouldings for every project, including latex-based primed millwork. www.alanmcilvain.com

qora cladding

Qora Cladding

Qora Cladding is designed to look and feel like traditional brick, stone, and cedar shakes. Qora Cladding panels are said to be lightweight and easy to install using common carpentry tools, thus eliminating the need for specialized masonry labor, and significantly reducing the overall installation time compared to traditional brick, stone, and cedar shingles. Qora Cladding panels are made to be durable, insulative, sound-deadening, and fire-resistant. www.qoracladding.com

Simpson Quick Drive

Quik Drive PRODW drywall system

Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced a new, lightweight, auto-feed screw driving system for drywall applications. The extension of its Quik Drive line, PRODW drywall system features a lighter-weight tool body said to enhance durability and ergonomics. The system includes a collated-screw feed mechanism designed to provide consistent and efficient screw delivery, a self-locking depth adjustment for accurate drive and depth and a fully rotatable driver adapter for hard-toget areas. Curved, collated strips are designed to hold screws away from the tool’s nose to prevent scratching or marring the surface of materials. Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems are designed for onehanded operation. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty. www.strongtie.com/prodw

prebuilt takeoff software

PrebuiltML X construction takeoff software

PrebuiltML X offers a takeoff solution for the structural frame LBM market. With an extensive database, jobsite ready output, and floor and roof layouts, the software is designed to provide the tools that dealers and builders need to get the takeoff they want. With the new Quick Check system, the company says that users can be more confident that material quantities are accurate and that no material was left off. The system is said to be easy to use with point-and-click interface, multiple windows and an intuitive interface. The product is available through a subscription license model, with latest features and support available. www.prebuiltml.com

Boral TruExterior Beaded Bevel

Boral TruExterior Beaded Bevel siding

The Beaded Bevel siding profile from Boral is designed to combine authentic wood looks with the performance, moisture-resistance, and durability of Boral’s proprietary poly-ash material. The new Beaded Bevel adds a bead to the bottom of the company’s 6″, 8″, and 10″ Bevel profiles. The milled bead mimics a wood style, and is said to be historically accurate. Beaded Bevel is made with Boral’s proprietary blend of polymers and fly ash. The formulation is engineered to provide a high level of dimensional stability for reduced expansion and contraction, and durability for resistance to warping, cracking, and splitting. The siding can be used in groundcontact applications. Boral TruExterior Siding carries a 20-year limited warranty. www.boraltruexterior.com

Duration Millwork

Duration Moulding & Millwork

From standard and semi-standard moulding and siding profiles, to completely custom balustrade systems, Duration Moulding & Millwork provides products machined from fly ash composite material. DMM products are said to provide all the benefits of wood, PVC, and cement-based products, but none of the drawbacks such as rot, check, or cracks. DMM’s products have no location restrictions and can be painted any color without the need for edge or back sealing. www.durationmillwork.com

Tando graphite stain

Tando Signature Stain in Graphite

Tando’s Signature Stain has added a new color–Graphite–to its cladding line. Manufactured by Derby Building Products Inc., Graphite expands the stained shake line beyond current wood-like browns to an earthy, deep gray. Graphite joins Signature Stain’s original colors of Fawn, Bark and Acorn, capturing the natural hues and variations of stained wood. Signature Stain’s Graphite is designed to offer the beauty and authenticity of stained wood but without the continuous maintenance or upkeep. Tando’s Signature Stain is recommended for home exteriors, with a lightweight design for one-person installation. Signature Stain incorporates a semi-transparent wood stain into its patented process, designed for a realistic stained wood look. Signature Stain by Tando products are said to be impervious to moisture, and ideal for roofline or ground applications. www.tandobp.com

MAX siding nailer

MAX SuperSider siding nailer

The MAX CN565S3 SuperSider is a professional grade pneumatic siding nailer that can be used for siding, fencing, exterior trim, furring, and strapping jobs. The nailer features a slim, removable contact foot which is designed to dramatically reduce driver marks and reduce wire from flying out while shooting. The nailer has a magazine designed for easy loading, with a fold out nail support. Featuring a patented anti-double fire mechanism, the tool can be contact or single fired with no adjustments. A patented maintenance free end cap filter captures dirt and sand down to 11 microns. Features a trigger lock out for safety, a belt hook, tool case and easy twist-adjustable exhaust deflector. www.maxusacorp.com

KeyLink railing

Vertical railing from Key-Link Fencing & Railing

Vertical cable from Key-Link Fencing & Railing comes pre-installed from Key-Link’s facility. Contractors simply have to separate the bottom and top railings, insert the stainless steel spacer bars for support, and then install the section. Key-Link’s stainless steel support bars are designed to be less obtrusive than other systems and blend in with vertical cable. The flat-top American Series railing is powder-coated to AAMA 2604 standards, and the cable is 316 marine grade stainless steel. www.keylinkonline.com

Boise Cascade Heat map

BC FloorValue software from Boise Cascade

Part of Boise Cascade’s BC Framer design software, BC FloorValue is an easy-to-use tool that checks a floor plan for problems, suggests options to correct detected issues, and provides a cost comparison for required upgrades. Designers can evaluate different products for on-center spacing and sheathing thickness options to achieve the optimum price/value relationship. The tool can also be used to evaluate less expensive framing without negatively impacting the floor. In addition, floors throughout the home can be designed with optimal characteristics for each space. BC FloorValue utilizes a visual “Heat Map” (shown) to indicate areas of floor system deflection. www.bc.com

Hardy Frame wall panel

Hardy Frame prefabricated narrow shear wall panel

The new narrow shear wall panel from Hardy Frame, a MiTek company, is designed to allow users to pick up 3′ of space on each garage side and add more living space. The 9″ panels are said to enable a faster and easier garage build. With the panel’s C-shaped cavity, it is designed to be easy to inspect, easy to install and eliminate callbacks. The panel was developed to enable narrower walls, and to maximize the square footage in a smaller space. For example, a home can be built on a smaller lot and gain 80 square feet. www.hardyframe.com

epicor bistrack ios

Epicor BisTrack Warehouse Management for iOS

Epicor’s BisTrack Warehouse Management, now available for Apple iOS devices, consists of the BisTrack Count, BisTrack Picking, and BisTrack Receipt applications. The app features a responsive design which supports devices of any size. BisTrack Count offers instant inventory adjustments as well as quick and accurate inventory counts. BisTrack Picking is designed to allow warehouse staff to pick more accurately using barcoding with fewer missed items, quantity errors, or wrong products. BisTrack Receipt gives users the ability to expedite the receiving process and is said to reduce mistakes, supporting precise and up-to-date inventory data. BisTrack Warehouse Management is also available for Android devices. www.epicor.com


HOLDSaBIT from Screw Products

Screw Products, Inc. has been providing professional quality fasteners, backed by great customer service since 1999. The company’s extensive product line also includes the HOLDSaBIT, a product that allows drill users a simple way to hold multiple insert bit drivers, drill bits, screws, pencils and more on a drill. The HOLDSaBIT attaches, in seconds, to a cordless drill or impact. The product holds up to 16 1″ bit drivers as well as thousands of combinations of bits. The HOLDSaBIT can slip onto a drill, or can be used on its own to hold bits in a tool pouch, tool box, suspenders or belt. HOLDSaBIT is made of a proprietary blend to provide strength and holding power. The product is UV rated for outdoor use, and is designed to fit all full-sized cordless drills. www.screw-products.com

SPAX t-star screws

SPAX T-STAR Plus Exterior/Deck Screw

The new SPAX T-STAR plus Exterior/Deck Screw is designed to be a versatile, high-performance construction screw for exterior wood applications. The screw features the new SPAX proprietary HCR-X coating system, which is tested and code-recognized for use in treated lumber and Condition 4 (coastal) construction environments. SPAX states that it is the next best thing to 304 Stainless Steel at half the cost. The SPAX patented thread technology and T-STAR plus drive are designed to provide faster, easier driving with no pre-drilling required. Available nationwide at leading home improvement centers and coming soon to wholesale LBM dealers. www.spax.us

Weyerhaeuser Floor System

Weyerhaeuser floor systems

When floors are engineered together, they work together. Weyerhaeuser products are engineered to offer predictable performance and are designed to increase the quality of a home’s construction. Weyerhaeuser Trust Joist TJI Joists, Framer Series Lumber and TimberStrand LSL Rim Board are all pulled together with the company’s Diamond subfloor with patented Down Pore technology, which is designed to create a floor system built to last, from a company that’s been producing and innovating building materials since 1900. www.weyerhaeuser.com/woodproducts