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What, if anything, does your company do to thank homeowner or builder customers for their business?

“Correspond via USPS mail and email with gift coupons and thank you notes.”

“Nothing really, except verbal thankyou’s.”

“Occasional seminars and maybe a luncheon once or twice a year.”

“We give away hats, pencils and tee shirts throughout the year. Yearly, we host an open house customer show at which we invite about 20 vendors. Customers are encouraged to visit each vendor’s table. We serve lunch, have a few fun activities, and have plenty of door prizes and other giveaways.”

“Rewards program based on purchases.”

“Take builder’s team out to lunch. Take principal employees from customers to sporting or arts events, golfing or hunting. We also have an annual thank you cocktail reception/buffet. Targeted phone calls by our company leaders thanking customers.”

“Award points based on purchases for merchandise or trips.”

“Salesmen call or visit customer to personally thank them. We send out thank you cards, and a survey to see how we performed.”

“We send every customer a thank you letter along with an incentive for another order or referral.”

“We really don’t do anything on a regular basis. We do take some of our better customers out to eat, or to a ball game or some other form of entertainment occasionally. We have also done a customer appreciation barbeque in the past.”

“Customers receive hand-written thank you notes from the owner. We also make charity contributions in the customer’s name. Gift cards.”

“Discounts on products and delivery fees. Businesses that use our products and will put a small metal 3×5 sign or plaque receive free or half-off some of the products they use. We do an annual pheasant hunt/skeet shoot at a local hunt club for our favorite/best customers.”

“We do a few different things. First, we give away items like like shirts, pencils, etc. Second, we showcase our customers’ work on our website and our company Facebook page. Third, we constantly refer consumers to our trade contractors who do work for them.”

“For my top ten customers each year, our company purchases gift baskets of holiday-related foods, such as sausages, crackers, cheese, etc. It is a real and tangible symbol of our appreciation for their business over the past 12 months. I will always thank a customer via email, phone call, or in person for choosing to do business with us. The key is sincerity. Too often a ‘thanks for stopping by’ or ‘thank you’ sounds a little too pat and rehearsed. We all have to remember that our builder and homeowner customers have choices where they spend their money and we have to show sincere appreciation when they choose us. We are still a very relationship-centered industry, whether it’s long-term builder relationships or short-term dealings with homeowners. People buy from us because they like us and trust us. Thanking them for their business is a natural extension of that process.”