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“We have a rewards system that send them coupons for money off future sales based on money spent.”

“We thank our customers with the best possible price, quality product, and service that is available. I was told long ago (50+ years) that any gift to a customer for their business can be topped by your competitor, but price, quality, and service is hard to beat.”

“We hold regular customer appreciation events throughout the year (i.e., golf outings, customer trips, trap and skeet shoots, monthly customer luncheons, vendor sponsored training, etc.) where each customer is personally greeted, and appreciation for patronage is expressed by management.”

“Rebates, discounts, trips, clothing, written communication, verbal communication, additional ‘no-charge’ services.”

“Volume-based trips, clothing, gift certificates, special pricing on personal purchases.”

“Every year I have a customer appreciation sale with a lot of vendors who come and give away a lot of prizes. That evening I host a large dinner for vendors and customers alike. I do not charge my vendors for tables, as I feel that they are a partner as well.”

“We always treat the customer as a business partner, and work to always say thank you. We have a spring open house with burgers, hot dogs, door prizes, and five of our best vendors present new items. On the first of December, we have a Christmas open house that features better food—and no vendors. Both times we allow our customers a 30% discount on anything in the store, and 10% off on power tools. We invite our contractors and other professional customers, painters, plumbers, excavation and landscaping pros, and their families and crew. Very low key, come as you are, no pressure. Just a night on us. We try to just be part of their team.”

“We’d like to think our pricing is competitive and that our customers expect that, as well as outstanding service. We thank our customers with ‘thank you’ cards several times during the year and, if the customer has shared a birthday or anniversary, we make sure that an appropriate card is sent to commemorate the special day.”

“Some of the ways we say ‘thanks’ include a loyalty rewards program for the contractor, volume rebate programs for the larger accounts, gift cards to local restaurants and/ or Cabelas to give the customer that referred us the sale, providing branded apparel, etc. Another way we say ‘thanks’ is a simple phone call—that matters just as much!”

“Verbally and breaking bread together.”

“Top customers are taken to lunch or dinner throughout the year, and offices are sent cookie trays.”

“Always thank the customer for the order. After installation, confirm that the install and training met or exceeded their expectations. Thank them again for the opportunity of serving them. Check back in 30 days. When we have lunch meetings, we’ll offer to pick up the tab. We try to always make a point to say ‘Thank you for your confidence in us,’ and to follow up after the sale.”

“That varies depending on the customer and their salesman. Could be anything from gift certificates or tools to trips.”

“We end all phone conversations and e-mails with a simple ‘thank you for your business’”

“Not much.”

“All employees are trained in customer service best practices and they show a genuine appreciation with our customers by their attentiveness, actions and a verbal thanks. Additionally, we will occasionally pass out sports game tickets or gift cards to our customers. We also support a number of charities jointly with our customers.”