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Remodeler Q&A: Craig Scott

Remodeler Q&A: Craig Scott
Craig Scott | President, CROSS

Craig Scott – President
CROSS | San Antonio, TX.

Craig Scott is president of CROSS remodeling in San Antonio, Texas. CROSS is an award-winning full service residential remodeler and custom builder.

Last year’s sales: $2.4 million
Years in business: 14
Number of employees: 24
Specialty: Full service remodeling, kitchens, bathrooms, additions and whole house renovations

Q: In order of importance, what are the top three things you look for from a supplier?
A: When choosing a supplier, we look at three things first: Responsive customer service, product knowledge, and the quality of products available.

Q: Describe your best LBM vendor and why they are your favorite dealer to work with.
A: We do not have one in particular that is better than others.

Q: When was the last time you changed vendors and why did you decide to make the change?
A: We are continually reviewing our vendor relationships and try to meet with them on a regular basis to solidify the relationship, however we did have to change vendors in 2015 due to poor customer service, which included promises that were not met, and the poor quality of materials that were supplied.

Q: When and why would you accept a meeting from a new supplier or vendor?
A: When suppliers cannot meet our realistic timeframes and those cause delays that start affecting the production schedule of our projects. We would also consider meeting with a new supplier or vendor if we are receiving less than stellar customer service.

Q: What is the number one problem that keeps you up at night?
A: The number one thing that keeps me up is the well-being of our employees and our customers. I want them both to be satisfied and proud of the work we do.

Q: What do you see as the biggest opportunity for you as a professional remodeler?
A: Continuous improvement in both the work that we do and the ways in which we do business are our biggest opportunities right now.

Q: What do you wish LBM suppliers understood about your business and how they could help you?
A: Project schedules. Suppliers need to know that our business depends on meeting schedules promised to our customers. We need our suppliers to meet our schedules in order for us to meet our customers’.

Q: What building products (if any) do you buy installed?
A: We buy installed front doors, installed insulation, roofing, wood flooring and countertops.