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Ridgefield Supply to install more than 500 solar panels



Ridgefield Supply Company


Ridgefield, Ct. — Ridgefield Supply Company will be turning over a new leaf on July 2 as more than 500 solar panels will be installed behind the main store and showroom. With the help of Connecticut’s sunshine, and the expertise of PurePoint Energy, the panels will generate all of the electrical needs for Ridgefield Supply Company.

This is just one step on the staircase of reducing the electrical usage at Ridgefield Supply on the way to being a more eco-friendly company.

“Our goal is to reduce our electrical usage while becoming a better than net-zero electrical consumer,” Ridgefield Supply President Glen Albee said. “Generating more power than we consume is a first step toward energy independence. We will still be pulling electricity off the grid, so while the cost of electricity should be net-zero or better, we will continue to pay for electricity delivery which is quite significant here in Connecticut. Long-term we would like to store the electricity we generate, and consume our stored power. As technology improves (and storage becomes less expensive) this will become more financially feasible.”

Many states offer tax credits or promotions and programs for residents and businesses utilizing solar energy. Connecticut recently became a Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credits (ZREC) state, which allows customers of Eversource and the United Illuminating Company to sell extra energy created by their systems.

“We want to thank the Town of Ridgefield officials for allowing our community to become a ZREC zone earlier this year,” Albee said. “We believe it is in the best interest of the environment and town businesses/residents to look into ZREC solar opportunities, for both cost savings and environmental reasons.”

As Ridgefield Supply Company strives to become better than net-zero, generating more energy than it consumes, this drastically reduces the company’s carbon footprint, aiding in the fight against pollution and global warming.

Solar panels work by turning the sunlight that shines on them—direct and indirectly—into a direct current, which is then converted into an alternating current by an inverter. Ridgefield Supply will use the AC power gained from its solar panels to provide electricity for the company.