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Seasonless products meet demand into winter

Seasonless products meet demand into winter

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You may think that the deck-building season is coming to a close as much of the country slides into winter. That may be rote thinking. Today, there are several factors that show the decking and railing market is flourishing, and new numbers from the Joint Centers for Housing Studies show continued gains in renovation and repair.

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Surveys suggest an increase in deck construction isn’t solely the result of people who had already planned to build a deck. Instead, a hefty share of the rise in deck activity came because people, prompted by COVID-19 restrictions, decided to upgrade their deck or get a new one, cites Craig Webb, president of Webb Analytics, a consultancy specializing in the construction supply chain.

Cooped up demand

Demand for decking will linger deep into 2021 as people remain cooped up, as will continued material shortages and high prices. While the jobs numbers reported in the news seem grim, a large percentage of Americans haven’t been economically impacted. For this group, the money saved from things like travel and leisure activities has resulted in extra money spent on the home.

And now that “work from home” can be loosely translated to “work from anywhere,” those with second homes are leaving the city or principal home and spending more time in a much more relaxed and friendlier atmosphere. Money that would have typically been spent on winterizing or closing up a second home can now be used towards upgrading the space.

Even as the sun sets a little earlier and the air becomes brisk, homeowners desire to work and safely meet outdoors. Whether that means adding a fire pit, tiny home office, porch, gazebo, or screens, they want outdoor spaces that can function in the colder months.

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This trend toward extending and gathering outdoors well into winter will bode well for products that can fulfill such demand and offer functionality as well as creativity.

Seasonless product

As markets locked down in the middle of March, many manufacturers pulled back significantly. When business finally picked up around the first part of May, some manufacturers could not catch up with demand. Others could.

“While we’ve experienced delays in the supply chain, we’ve been able to manage and continue to meet our commitments all year,” said Scott Wyatt, eastern U.S. sales manager, at RailFX, a manufacturer of residential and commercial cable solutions and aluminum railing systems.

RailFX cable and aluminum railing systems offer a seasonless product. “As long as homeowners continue to build decks, and the weather allows construction to continue, we’ll be able to supply the market, no problem,” Wyatt continues. “And keep in mind our products are also for interior use.” Interior stairway and balcony railings can be replaced with cable or aluminum railing and change the entire look of your home.

RailFX features specialty interior and exterior cable rail options for any application as well as a complete aluminum railing systems. Dealers offering RailFX products to their customers ultimately grow their overall sales in this growing category. RailFX provides a full suite of cable railing options:

  • Easy to Install Cable Railing Kits: RailFX cable railing kits are available in several combinations and are intended to work with various design options, including stairs, angled, and one to two corner runs. These affordable kits come with stainless steel cable and hardware fittings — non-tensioning and tensioning — for both ends of a cable run.
  • All-in-One Aluminum Railing Systems: RailFX aluminum railing systems deliver an all-in-one solution for a turnkey approach with a choice of glass, picket, and cable infill. Using high-strength, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant aluminum extrusions, customers can choose stock or custom colors that meet AAMA-2605 coating specification and offer corrosion and impact resistance against rusting, cracking, peeling, or repainting.

Mt. Rainier - RailFX

  • Simple and Flexible FlexFX Program: The FlexFX Program by RailFX is a flexible and straightforward cable railing option perfect for decks, docks, balconies, and stairways with wood, metal, or sleeved posts. FlexFX uses exclusive Push-Lock fittings, in which you can simply push the cable into fitting and lock it—no special tools required.
  • Tools and Accessories: Each project is different, and the RailFX line of cable railing accessories makes it possible to personalize a railing system and keep it beautiful for years to come. The company also provides complete installation instructions and a team of dedicated and knowledgeable customer service professionals to support a successful installation.

We’ve all been working through challenging times, but as the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” The growth of annual spending for renovation and repair is encouraging and will push us through a generally slower season.

To learn more about RailFX and how you can offer a turnkey cable railing solution to your customers, email sales@railfx.net or call the customer support team at 206.453.1123.