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Strategies for selling deck upgrades

Strategies for selling deck upgrades

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With homeowners around the country craving outdoor spaces for their homes, decks and patios are an easy sell. But upselling homeowners and contractors on higher-quality options and better accessory packages often takes a bit more work. Here are a few strategies to consider to help move buyers from standard decks to extraordinary outdoor spaces.

Know the product: You can’t sell what you don’t fully believe in. The first step to selling homeowners and pros on a higher quality deck is by understanding the benefits and being able to articulate them in a way that responds directly to the clients’ unique space.

Understand the goals: Position yourself as a resource by listening to the customer’s challenges and developing the best solution for their individual needs. It’s not just about the look of the outdoor space, but how it’s going to be used, and that can lead to choosing the right accessories, to adding inlays to delineate spaces, and other upgrades that ensure the deck is perfectly suited to each client.

Provide samples: Seeing is believing, so make sure they can see and touch all of their options beyond just photographs. Show them how good-better-best decking differs so they can truly understand what the increase in cost brings in terms of aesthetics and performance.

Create compelling displays: Samples can only go so far. Creating life-size decks clients can walk on and experience not only helps them understand the differences in grades of decking, but the power of higher-end railing packages, lighting, and other accessories. Experiencing what life might be like on a truly custom deck can make them wish it were theirs. Create displays in your model homes or sales office, or partner with your dealer to create vignettes at their facilities.

Leverage visualization: Use tools such as the TimberTech® 3D Deck Designer to show the customer in real-time how upgraded options will look on their home. In addition, show before-and-after images of completed projects.

Sell the ROI: Higher-quality decking brings more enhanced aesthetics, but also durability and longer warranties. Help customers understand how their investment today will translate into savings down the road in the form of reduced maintenance and a longer life for their deck.

Narrow the choices: Having lots of color options is great — but it’s also overwhelming. Narrow down your offerings to two or three choices (such as to those that best reflect their home style, siding and trim colors, and surroundings) to ensure the selection process feels manageable.

Sell differentiation: Most homeowners don’t want their spaces to look like every other backyard on the street. Elevating the outdoor space with design features like multi-width deck boards, varied color blends, a unique railing system, and other features can ensure the home stands out as a true statement piece in a way standard stock products just can’t.

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