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Sure Drive USA introduces free private label fasteners

Sure Drive USA introduces free private label fasteners

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In today’s world of fastener choices, why not choose a fastener company that’s more concerned with helping build your brand rather than its own? Sure Drive USA is just that company.

Here’s a brief history:

For more than 60 years, Sure Drive USA, along with parent company Pan American Screw, has offered professional quality construction fasteners to lumberyards and home centers across the country. We own and operate our own facilities and are part of the Marmon Construction Fastener Group, which includes Robertson Inc., the inventor of the Robertson square drive recess; Atlas Construction Fasteners, the leading supplier of metal roofing and metal building fasteners and accessories in the country since 1896; Western Builders Supply, which has distributed a wide variety of star drive construction fasteners and code-approved construction lag screws sold under the Big Timber brand since 1945; and parent company Pan American Screw, the leading supplier of professional grade fasteners for the furniture, cabinet, window and door industries since 1958.

Bottom-line, we have a lot of experience in manufacturing high quality fasteners for a large variety of applications.


At Sure Drive USA we offer FREE private labeling with your company name, logo, and contact information on all packaged fasteners in our entire program. Each fastener type is easily identified by its color-coded box and label, resulting in an easier shopping experience for your end user (black = drywall screws, red = Rustguard decking screws, purple = stainless steel screws, etc.)

Our packaging is also unique, as we attach an actual sample of the fastener directly to the outside of the box for easy identification. This provides immediate recognition of the product to the consumer without the hassles of lost, damaged, or stolen inventory. Each box contains a label with the size, weight, approximate piece count, and barcode for easy checkout at the counter. What’s more, each package includes a free driver bit, so your customers don’t leave your store without the proper tool(s) they need to do the job.

Convenient packaging is available in Bonus Pack, ½ lb., 1 lb., 3 lb., 5 lb., plastic buckets (Dec-Pak) and bulk cartons. Our packaging options ensure that your customers get the quantity they need without having to spend valuable time weighing or counting out screws if they are selling by the pound out of a bin. We also have unique and colorful identifier labels that highlight specific features such as ACQ Approved, Lifetime Corrosion Resistance, Type-17 self-drilling point, etc.

Sure Drive USA’s goal is to offer lumberyards/dealers with a fastener program that will help increase revenue and profits by reducing shrink while benefiting from a wide variety of fasteners and packaging options. All while offering FREE private labeling to remind the end user where to go when they need more fasteners.

Private Labeling:

Our free private labeling sets our product apart. We’ll help you custom design a full-color label with your company information. This helps you establish immediate brand-name recognition by having your custom label advertise your business every day in your customers’ truck, in their house, at the jobsite, or on their workbench, ensuring that your customers remember where they purchased this product and making them more likely to return to your store. How much do you spend on advertising annually? Our packaging is a mini-billboard and costs nothing. After it is labeled, our cartons are shrink-wrapped for protection against damage and theft. The entire box is shrink-wrapped, helping to avoid tearing from dropped boxes and curious customers, and it cuts down on damaged product on your shelves as well.

Sure Drive USA also offers small-pack quantities on many of our most popular product groups. We offer Bonus Pack, ½ lb. Pack, Junior Anchor Kits, and other clam shell and plastic containers available in a variety of lengths up to 6” for those customers looking for just enough for a small project.

Sure Drive USA only sells direct to lumberyards, home centers and hardware stores. We do not sell to any of the “big box” stores. Our goal is to support family-owned businesses to help you distinguish your company from your competitors.

Give us a call today and let us show you how you can increase your brand by selling private label fasteners from Sure Drive USA. Experience the Sure Drive difference today.