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The Future of LBM Training (and the future is now): PART II


Establish constraints to keep the content small. Yes, you should record your VP of Sales during his mark-up vs. margin training, but edit the highlights into 4-minute chunks.

2016 numbers indicate you’re selling 26% less decking compared to this time last year? In addition to the sales pep talk, email a pair of new 3-minute videos with specific skills to help your team sell more decking.

The LBM world is loaded with construction folks who can talk a dog off a meat wagon. Constantly ask, “Where’s the beef?” We’re not looking for large word counts, we’re looking for insights.

Turn on the cameras and everyone gets nervous. What should I say? I need cue cards! Remember Mike Rowe and his Ford commercials: “All I did was get out of the way & just have conversations with people….” Relax. Have fun with it. If you’ve got someone who loves the camera, make him the host and interview various employees on selected training topics they know best. Also, don’t force people to address the camera directly. Record from the side angle—it’s less pressure.

With the speed of business today, few disagree with the importance of continuous learning. But most don’t do it. Why? We’re too busy. I get it. The key to delivering the content from our digital library frequently is automation. If you believe in a culture of continuous learning, it’s time to automate.

Automate: How to Share and Track
Now that you’ve Captured and Organized new content for your team, you are halfway through the C.O.S.T. model. Now it’s time to Share and Track. With two new hires starting next week, you plan to deliver one video per week for the five weeks of the on-boarding process.

Does someone have to remember to email those videos every Wednesday for five weeks? Can the video files fit in an email? How do we know if the newbies even watched them?

Good questions all. The key is automation. I’ll walk you through exactly what I use to share content and track engagement for a product of mine.

Sales and Marketing Automation Software
Several months ago, my training company, Red Angle, was running into scaling issues. The company’s growth was exciting, but we were in pain.

I phoned Isaac Oswalt, founder and president of 21 Handshake, a guru on all things digital. I explained what was driving me to drink (metaphorically speaking, as far as you know). I needed a system to help me deliver my digital content— audio, video, articles, quizzes—consistently in an automated fashion to several hundred people at a time.

My content was created and organized in my digital library. I simply needed to share it with customers and track customer engagement