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Three Keys to Winter Home Show Success


Follow Up
Now that you have cards with qualified names and addresses, you’ll want to get the literature you promised out to them right away. Send them a personal thank you for stopping by the booth. Part of my preparation process for each show is to have pre-stuffed envelopes waiting back at the office. These envelopes contain more information about the products we carry and the services we offer. When I get back from a trade show, I simply print mailing labels from the cards that I gathered at the booth and then send out the envelopes. I try to get this done within the first day or so after the show. That way, when a potential customer receives the envelope they will easily remember our conversation.

I have found that the envelope itself even becomes a value-add to the booth visit. I have been on so many appointments that when I arrive, I see the homeowner is carrying all of their estimates and product literature around in the envelope that I sent them. Even though they rightfully did their due diligence with my competitors, the final decisions are being pulled from an envelope with my name and company
logo all over it.

Remember the three keys of preparation, qualification and follow-up as you’re getting ready to attend your winter show soon. Following these three keys will help you and your team bring back qualified leads and generate sales for the coming season.