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What Dee would do

What Dee would do

On April 16, my mother-in-law celebrated her 82nd birthday at home. She was painting, and reading, and making the best of her day. The calm of her suburban Minneapolis home was shattered (literally) when a wild turkey came crashing through the window in her living room. For the next few minutes (which seemed much, much longer), this disoriented turkey wreaked havoc on her home—storming from room to room, knocking over furniture, bleeding, and uh, evacuating at will.

Many people would respond to that nightmare scenario by locking themselves in a room until the danger passed. Dee, my sweet, artistic, literary mother-in-law, didn’t do that. Instead, she picked up a broom and challenged the unhinged turkey, steering it, sheepdog-style, into the one room in the house with both an interior and an exterior door. Once the turkey was contained, she simply went outside, opened the exterior door, and waited for the unwelcome birthday guest to show himself out.

We don’t have to think too hard to draw a parallel with an unexpected and unwelcome visitor to our world this spring. Instead of bloody carpet and broken furniture, COVID-19 crashed through our lives and our economy, leaving tragedy and turmoil in its wake. Regardless where we’re at in terms of containing this virus, I like the idea of doing “what Dee would do.” Faced with an incomprehensible threat, Dee didn’t run and hide and hope the problem would solve itself. She picked up a broom and went into battle. Dee didn’t blindly attack the threat; she steered it toward the one room that could end the problem. Then, after the threat was contained and the damage was done, she went to work cleaning it up. The damage the turkey caused to her home, like the damage the virus is causing to our lives and our economy, was serious. Everything had to be removed from her home. All of the carpet had to be replaced, and all of the walls repainted.

There’s no question that we’re going to have a serious mess to clean up, and some things will never be the same. But I also know that we, as an industry and as a country, don’t back down. We don’t give up. We never have, and we never will.

The June print issue and our website, are both packed with insightful strategies and tactics from top thinkers in our industry, crafted specifically to help you navigate today’s business realities. I encourage you to invest some time finding the right tools, then put them to work in your business. Because that’s what Dee would do.